The Technologies At Hadoop World: Here is our cut on the best technologies to see there

Hadoop World was held 15-17 Oct in NYC. This post provides insights into some of the best technologies demonstrated there.

CTOvision has attended Hadoop World since the beginning. Attending has helped us better track tech trends and assess the potential business impacts of some of the greatest technologies created for the enterprise. It is also a great place to interact with business-focused architects, engineers, planners and of course CTOs.

One of the greatest things about the Strata Conference and Hadoop World is the ability to discover new technologies.  It is also a great way to get updates on well known capability providers who continue to enhance their offerings. The things we learn will drive our assessments here at CTOvision and help us continue to create business focused analysis for our readers.

By our count there were over 135 technology vendors on the expo floor. It would be great to spend a full hour with every vendor. Let me see, 135 vendors at one hour each, that would be over three weeks of work assuming 40 hour work weeks. OK, that does not scale! With this post we can reduce that 135 hours to a few minutes. Please look this over and give us your thoughts.  With that, we present:

The CTOvision Must See Tech List for Hadoop World

Category One: Enterprise Data Hub Providers

  • Cloudera: Delivering framework of capabilities that enable the enterprise data hub concept.
  • IBM: Big and expensive but clearly they perform. Ensure you benchmark what they can do.
  • EMC: From roots in storage they now provide analytics.
  • Oracle: With both software and hardware they can deliver well engineered solutions.

Category Two: Infrastructure Management and Data Tools

  • Cloudera: CDH is 100% open source with great management tools. Cloudera manager adds more functionality.
  • Databricks: Mastery over Apache Spark
  • MongoDB: New style data storage, retrieval and analysis including document focus.

Category Three: Analytics

  • Clearstory: Good combination of known data with your holdings
  • Platfora: Great focus on users, but terrific back end and incredibly fast ability to iterate data
  • Pentaho: Open source platform focused on business analytics.
  • Ngrain: 3D interactive and augmented reality technologies.
  • RevolutionAnalytics: Everyone knows R. Revolution makes R ready for the enterprise.
  • SkyTree: Machine Learning platform

Category Four: Adjacencies

  • Intel: Chips with capabilities to accelerate analytics and secure big data
  • MemSQL: Distributed database for real-time analytics.
  • Cisco: Smart data movement
  • Mellanox: Supplying end to end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect.

Category Five: Consulting, Training, Integrating, Teaching

  • CSC: Proven past performance
  • Caserta: Tech innovation consulting
  • Koverse: Awesome team delivering a platform that separates signal from noise.
  • Syracuse University iSchool: Curriculum available online.
  • Texas A&M University: Focus on analytics including MS in analytics.


It is also very important that you speed read the entire list of sponsors and firms on the expo floor, I could have left someone out from my assessment that has just what your enterprise mission needs. The entire list is below:

The Technologies of Hadoop World


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