ThingsCyber: Tracking the trends of distributed computing is a continuous examination of the megatrends pushing us all towards an age of ubiquitous computing. Constructs followed include the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cybersecurity, and the overall Tech Landscape.

The site also reviews the latest books and movies in those many domains and provides insights into emerging visions from the world of science fiction.

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We believe computer security should be easy on users and do our best to share insights into the world of security in ways directly relevant to our readers. Dive into cybersecurity in the Things Cyber Protect Yourself section.

We also believe entertainment is critically important when it comes to successful optimization of IT. We see Sci-Fi of all forms as being helpful to expanding our thoughts about the future, and believe Sci-Fi fans are better prepared than most to conceptualize the best ways to configure and optimize today’s technologies. Track those and more in the Things Cyber Tech Landscape.

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