Twitter Ups Security for Shared Accounts

For many professionals, celebrities, and enterprises, Twitter is a branding boon. Instantly connecting with thousands or even millions of followers – providing up-to-the-minute information about sales, promotions, activities, or special events – presents a world of opportunity for those in the public eye. Unsurprisingly, high-profile Twitter accounts are prime targets for vandals and hackers. Often, several people have access to popular social media accounts, resulting in easy-to-guess passwords and unsecure profiles.

In an effort to increase security for its most popular accounts, Twitter announced a new feature on February 17th that enables Twitter users to share access to single accounts without sharing passwords. With TweetDeck Teams, users of shared accounts are separated into administrators and contributors. The administrator, the primary user of each account, has the privileges of Tweeting from the account, adding or removing team members from the account, and viewing the team. Contributors, the secondary users of the shared account, can Tweet and follow other users, without the privilege of viewing or making changes to the account’s team. With the new feature, Twitter aims to make managing enterprise and high-profile accounts easier while increasing account security.

The Twitter community greeted the new feature with enthusiasm, primarily for easing shared account management. For those most active on Twitter, the change will mean fewer headaches for account managers. The Washington Post likewise praised TweetDeck Teams, mostly for its improvements to account security, which will mean fewer hacked accounts for businesses and individuals with many followers.

The results of this added feature remain to be seen, but it is always positive to see actions taken to promote information security online.

Shannon Perry

Shannon Perry is an award winning writer and analyst with a background in statistics & science, technology and international affairs.

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