Verdant AI: A startup studio focusing on enterprise grade artificial intelligence products.

Verdant AI: A startup studio focusing on enterprise grade artificial intelligence products.

We have personally known the leadership of Verdant (Brian Dolan) for quite a while, so are totally biased, but rest assured that bias is based on years of interactions where whenever Brian says he will do something he does.

Verdant is a startup studio that is focusing on speeding the time to market of enterprise grade AI solutions. Here is how they describe themselves:

Verdant AI is an innovation lab and startup studio that advances technological breakthroughs in AI. Leveraging our core competencies in the key areas of engineering design, AI application development, and analytic product-market fit means we can accelerate time to market and time to value of AI-driven products.

A good overview of Verdant and what they do was captured in a recent Forbes article,  which included this:

As a growing field, the demand for AI expertise and associated technologies has also caught fire. An AI Studio, such as Verdant AI is poised to capitalize on this trend. Brian Dolan, Verdant’s CEO and Founder is well-known in the data community as a leading mathematician, data scientist, founder, and analyst with more than 20 years of hands-on experience.

“Building AI products is an extremely complicated endeavor that requires highly skilled expertise,” explains Dolan.

“Much like when a band comes together to jam, a studio bringing together multiple AI expert players expands creative solutions as ideas flow from a diverse range of experiences. This setting, like an extended jam session, allows creativity to flourish within a quick failure structure that is best suited for solving complex AI problems.”

For more on this very virtuous activity see:

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