Verisign: Security Services

With this post we are initiating coverage of Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN).

Many in the technology community know Verisign for their domain name registration heritage and their operation of the .com, .net, .edu and .gov top level domains. Verisign has successfully operated the .com DNS infrastructure for almost 18 years without an outage. This feat alone requires world class best technology design, operation, maintenance and security skills.

Verisign's enterprise offerings draw from its proven past performance in Internet-scale solutions. Verisign provides services and technology capabilities to enterprises including Managed DNS, Recursive DNS, DDoS protection and security threat intelligence offerings. These offerings are of particular interest for organizations seeking to ensure application availability and security, mitigate the threat of DDoS, botnets and malware and get advanced and early indicators of compromise that can operationalize cyber defenses.

In one example of how they serve enterprise markets, Verisign offers a cloud-based DDoS monitoring and mitigation service leveraging its superior mitigation platform, global network scale and years of operational expertise fighting DDoS attacks. The Verisign DDoS Protection Service includes the OpenHybrid architecture that enables interoperability between your existing on-premise devices and the Verisign DDoS Protection Service through an easy to use tool (Open API). Allowing you to leverage your existing security devices to signal threat information back to the Verisign DDoS protection cloud provides you with faster, more efficient detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks. For more on OpenHybrid and DDoS protection see the video at this link and embedded below:


Other capabilities of note focused on enhancing enterprise functionality and reducing risk include cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management and incident response.

For more on all these capabilities see


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