Wealthfront’s Startup Compensation Tool

Although the Internet is the ultimate venue for sharing information, salary data is still notoriously difficult to come by. As a result job seekers have had a hard time knowing what their labor is worth.

If you’re looking for a job at tech startup and are interested in finding solid salary data, you are now in luck.  Wealthfront has created a new tool to graph the salary and equity ranges for employees at tech startups based on job type, seniority, size of company, and job location.

Across the 8,300 workers surveyed at 135 privately held companies, top-level sales managers routinely were in the top earners of the salary scale. Although more technical workers at tech startups may not receive as high salaries as their sales counterparts, their greater stake in equity may mean larger paydays down the road. Wealthfront, a startup itself, has licensed the salary data and made it available for free as part of its effort to democratize access to financial information.


Surveys like this can be important context as you establish your startup or as you build your plans for a continued career in technology.

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