Wickr: The Most Trusted and Secure Messenger in the World

With this post we are initiating coverage of Wickr in our Disruptive IT Directory as a Security Company

We have tracked Wickr for years and use them extensively to communicate and collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders. We have also examined their technology and approach and believe it to be the most secure and most functional messaging capability available to the public today.

For an overview of key Wickr features see:

The most critical functionality with Wickr is security, but the collaboration tools also bring huge value. And they do so in a way that enables synchronization across multiple devices.

From their website:

Fully encrypted. Enterprise-ready. Private. Set up in minutes and invite your team to join your private Wickr Network.

Control and protect your most critical communications. Wickr’s end-to-end encrypted platform offers features like: Voice & Video Calls, File transfer, SSO and MDM integration, Bots, full administrative controls and a whole lot more.

For more from CTOvision on Wickr see:

And to sign up for and start using Wickr see: https://wickr.com/

For up to the minute insights on what Wickr is up to see their Twitter feed:

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For more CTOvision reporting on Wickr see:

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