YottaStor: Focused on fast growing machine generated data

YottaStor is focused on the fast growing machine generated data market. This new data category is growing exponentially and requires new solutions, capabilities and economics. YottaStor solutions deliver the economics of public cloud-based storage solutions behind the firewall.

After two years of intensive research and preparation, YottaStor was recently announced as a cooperative effort to address the emerging market segment of large unstructured and machine-generated data storage solutions reaching into the Petabyte, Exabyte, and even Zettabytes ranges, at cost models which mimic the Internet (Google, Amazon, etc.) economies of scale. Collaborating partners include with HP, DDN, Alliance Technology Group, SGI, Fusion IO, Pixia, Intel, DCR, NCS, Red Hat, Dell, and leading systems integrators. YottaStor has quickly emerged as a leader, and is now delivering solutions to this extreme data market for cloud applications.

Learn more here: http://yottastor.com/

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