Tapping into centralized talent pools for data analytics, cybersecurity and other mission enabling functions in government agencies

In 2013 I helped Carahsoft pull together an event focused on the emerging (at the time) concept of Big Data. The highlight of the 2013 Government Big Data Forum was not just the focus on Hadoop-centric platforms like Cloudera, but the exchange of lessons learned and best practices from people in and around the federal space. […]

Clearing up Lingering Confusion Around What Big Data Really Is

Big data is a buzz term in many industries, but many people still do not understand the concept of it. Data analysis tools can benefit any company, and new tools are being invented every year. The tools are designed for specific industries, and a company’s staff may need specialized training. An elearning company can give […]

Cray Launches Next Generation Super Computer

Cray XC50 System Delivers One Petaflop of Peak Performance in a Single Cabinet At the 2016 Supercomputing Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. announced the launch of the Cray XC50 supercomputer – the company’s fastest supercomputer ever with a peak performance of one petaflop in a single cabinet. The Cray […]

Cyber Intelligence and Defense for the Public Sector, Part 2: The Growth and Importance of Threat Intelligence

As attested to in our previous post in this series, the dynamic nature of today’s cyber threats has led to the evolution of cyber threat intelligence as an essential component of every enterprise’s cyber risk reduction strategy. Threat intelligence provides organizations with the information needed to make smarter, data driven decisions about protecting their sensitive […]

Why Consumers Don’t Trust Self-Driving Cars

On May seventh, 2016, Joshua Brown, a 40-year-old businessman and innovation enthusiast from Canton, Ohio, was seated in the driver’s seat of his Tesla Model S car when a tractor-trailer turned over his way. The Tesla, which was on its self-driving Autopilot mode, failed to recognize the white tractor-trailer against the clear, sunny Florida sky. […]

The Report The Cybersecurity Commission Should Have Sent To the President and President Elect

On 1 December The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity issued their key deliverable, the report on Securing and Growing The Digital Economy. That is a good report. For policy-makers new to cybersecurity the introduction recaps issues the nation has been dealing with for quite some time now. And the many recommendations are things we should […]