Tips for Mitigating IoT Device and Insider Risk

Organizations today are increasingly adopting Internet of Things (IoT) devices lacking sufficient security protocols which creates unique insider risks that IT teams must address. These organizations were already facing enduring risks from malicious and non-malicious insiders and the intersection with IoT devices further complicates the attack surface that IT teams must defend. Cognitio has helped clients […]

What to Do When Big Data Doesn’t Deliver

In a world so powered by technology, the ability to analyze data and use its results to help direct business plans for marketing and innovation becomes imperative. Unfortunately, collected data can be corrupted through malfunction of machine or simple human error, and when that happens, it can mean huge roadblocks for the business that needed […]

CTOvision Assessment on The Megatrend of Cloud Computing

There are seven key MegaTrends driving the future of enterprise IT. You can remember them all with the mnemonic acronym CAMBRIC, which stands for Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Big Data, Robotics, Internet of Things, CyberSecurity. In this post we dive deeper into the first of these trends, Cloud Computing. We succinctly describe Cloud Computing as the scalable delivery of computational resources. […]

Latest CTOvision Assessments on Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Big Data, Robotics, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity

One of the enjoyable things about estimating the future is there is always a new consideration. It is a dynamic task that is never done. This is especially true in analyzing the future of enterprise technology, where things are always moving fast. We try to find balance in tracking the future of technology by focusing on […]

How Cybersecurity Benefits from Hackers

With the number of cyber crimes climbing every day, and the costs of each cyberattack higher than the last, the word “hacker” has come to carry a very negative connotation. Business owners who are afraid of litigation cringe when they hear the word. Private individuals who are worried their identities will be stolen—or who have […]

Enterprise Security and Functionality Benefits of the new Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Approach

The dynamic nature of today’s IT Operations has eroded the network perimeter in ways we have all been watching and even cheering on! This is a new world of mobility, cloud computing and rapid partnering for success. But the erosion of the network perimeter is making traditional security a roadblock to efficiency. No one wants […]