A Cat-and-Mouse Game

When a company is breached, it is akin to obtaining a disease no one wants and no one wants to admit to having. With reputations and trust on the line, companies are hesitant to broadcast a breach. The Australian Crime Commission estimates that the annual cost of cyber crime to Australia is more than $1 […]

AFCEA International and George Mason University Host Annual Critical Issues in C4I Symposium

AFCEA International and George Mason University are hosting the annual Critical Issues in C4I Symposium which will bring academia, industry and government/military together to address important issues in C4I technology and systems R&D. We are proud to announce that Cognitio’s Bob Gourley will be providing assessments on the future of IT relevant to operational ISR […]

Moving Toward a Framework for Resilient Cybersecurity: Evaluating the Threat Landscape

In this previous post on The Need for a Framework for Resilient Cybersecurity we highlighted that the increasing diversity and sophistication of today’s IT environments is driving a need for organizations to implement a framework for resilient cybersecurity. In this post we will focus on one of the critical components of this framework: Threat Intelligence. Today’s […]

Four Cloud Computing Myths That Need To Die

After all these years, cloud computing is still a victim of myths that are largely untrue, and are often obviously untrue. Cloud computing, and public cloud platforms specifically, have been around for a long time. The cloud is used every day by companies ranging from one-person freelance outfits to the largest enterprise organizations with tens […]

Women in Cybersecurity: Reducing the Gender Gap Part III

This is the third post in a three part blog post on the Women in Cybersecurity Conference that took place March 31st through April 2nd in Dallas, Texas. The first keynote for the final day of the Women in Cybersecurity conference was Shelley Westman. Westman had a long road that ultimately led her to where she is today, […]

Tech News Roundup May 2

The following are some of the hot topics we are tracking in the technology ecosyste Technology Ticker Why is the technology industry so afraid of tax? – Sydney Morning Herald ‘Sense Of Urgency’ In Forming Next Government – 98FM Tad Czyzewski Named Executive Director of The Choral Arts Society of Washington Schumer urges federal investigation […]