Discovering and proactively blocking malicious infrastructure

RiskIQ’s PassiveTotal leverages the power of a well engineered sensor network and high power/high performance computing, and highly experienced analysts to help enterprise executives proactively block or otherwise disrupt malicious infrastructure. PassiveTotal is designed to provide analysts with a single view into all the data they need. It is also designed to be easy to […]

How to choose between Native Apps or the Responsive Web?

In the second article of how CTO’s can create a framework for enterprises to adopt mobile for growth we look at one of the early decisions to be made – that is choosing to build native apps or adopt the responsive web. In case you missed it, the previous article in the series discusses why […]

The State of Digital Currency: A discussion with Ed Scheidt

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down for a regular breakfast with Ed Scheidt, former head of CIA’s Cryptographic Center and the designer of the cyrpto systems used in the Kryptos Sculpture at the Agency. He and I get together and typically it’s a free-ranging discussion that covers a lot of […]

Thinking About “Data Program Governance”

Elevator pitch One phrase in regular rotation in my elevator pitch is “data program governance.” What does that mean? The individual words are straightforward: Data includes any kind of data such as numeric, financial, textual, image, or meta. Program means an organized set of activities designed to accomplish a defined set of objectives. Governance means […]

Tech News Review 19 July 2016

The following are some of the stories we are tracking at CTOvision: Pokémon Go will launch in Japan tomorrow with game’s first sponsored location  Pokémon Go fever has doubled the value of Nintendo’s business, pushing it past Sony in the process. Can you imagine what will happen when the game finally goes live in Japan, the […]

Coming Events Of Interest To CTOvision Readers

The following are some of the events we are tracking in our CTO Events Calendar. We maintain this calendar as reference for our readers and keep it up to date with events we believe to be of high value to technologists seeking to track emerging trends, learn what peers are doing and find new ways […]