Hortonworks: Using Machine and Sensor Data to Proactively Maintain Public Infrastructure

Metro Transit of St. Louis (MTL) operates the public transportation system for the St. Louis metropolitan region. Hortonworks Data Platform helps MTL meet their mission by storing and analyzing IoT data from the city’s Smart Buses, which helped the agency cut average cost per mile driven by its buses from $0.92 to $0.43. It achieved […]

FastCompany: SAP NS2 Targets Terrorism with AI

FastCompany published a good overview of SAP NS2 and some of their use of artificial intelligence capabilities titled “SAP NS2 Targets Terrorism with AI”.  Here is some of what they said: A specialized division of the business software powerhouse SAP (System Application Products) is building tools to harness machine learning and artificial intelligence for antiterrorist […]

The Art of the Possible: Meeting Innovation Demands in the Public Sector

Government agencies face increasing pressure to be “innovative,” but as is the case with most big ideas, defining exactly what that means is difficult, at best. Most don’t consider that innovation doesn’t necessarily mean creating something new, but can simply mean doing something you already do, differently. For most enterprises, innovation is really about increasing […]

Deep Learning and Its Role in the Advancement of Video Analytics

Video cameras are everywhere these days. Research from IHS Technology estimates that up to 245 million cameras were operational, and that was only at the end of 2014. That number has only increased since then. People and organizations have used video surveillance for many use cases, most of which we are all familiar with. Video […]

DDOS Trends Report 2016

The Verisign Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Trends Report contains the observations and insights derived from mitigations enacted on behalf of, and in cooperation with, customers of Verisign DDoS Protection Services, and the security research of Verisign iDefense Security Intelligence Services. DDoS attacks are a real threat for today’s web-reliant organizations. In Q2 2016, Verisign […]

PKWARE: Inventors of Zip now fielding smart, scalable encryption

PKWARE has a history of producing scalable, highly functional software and approaches to data storage, movement and encryption.  With this post we are initiating coverage of PKWARE, tracking them in our Disruptive IT Directory in our sections on the highest performing Infrastructure and Security companies. PKWARE’s Smartcrypt solution enables organizations of all sizes to armor their data […]