2015 Brocade Federal Forum: Help break the network status quo


Our friends at FedScoop and Brocade are combining efforts to produce an informative event that can help ensure your networks and data centers are optimized. And by optimized I mean are significantly reducing your IT spend, which should get your attention. Here is more from the event invite: Federal networks need to modernize. Federal Forum […]

Facebook Eats The World With Free Global Internet Via Drones


Facebook is planning on launching a drone program they call Aquila. Launch will be in three months time, and from then they will continue to expand till they provide internet to every person in the world. The program is designed for: beaming high-speed data from 60,000 to 90,000 feet to some of the world’s remotest regions via […]

NapaTech’s Pandion: Optimized, high-speed packet capture


NapaTech has just announced Pandion, a powerful, highly-optimized high-speed packet capture solution. NapaTech has a history of fielding high speed devices and they applied their talent here in ways that enable incredibly fast, reliable, real-time packet capture, then indexing and search of network data. By combining packet capture with an integrated server and engineering for speed, […]

E-ink: Taking Fashion to a New Level


Today we are just beginning to see what e-ink has to offer. With e-readers, e-ink multi-cards, the Pebble smartwatch, and more devices on the market, e-ink can be used in a variety of ways due to its flexibility. Now, e-ink is transitioning to the fashion world. A new Lithuania-based start up company, iShüu Technologies, has […]

Basis Technology Hosts 9th Annual Human Language Technology Conference


One of the key sponsors of our 30 April Synergy Forum is Basis Technology. Basis is a company we have tracked for years, and have watched as they have become part of the fabric of solutions now serving billions of people. We are honored to have them as a sponsor but even more honored that they […]

Self-service Reset Password Management Solutions Mean Helpdesks Save Time


Helpdesks are overwhelmed, it’s no secret, often by mundane and repetitive tasks that can, or should, be automated. By taking steps, that are usually simple and financially efficient, much time can be saved for employees and organizations managing this process. By automating processes that have remained manual and out of date, technology leaders within their […]