Fed Tech Roundup July 31


The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (fromFedTechTicker.com and TopTechTicker.com):  Fed Tech Ticker GAO To Congress: Revisit Privacy Concerns Over Facial Recognition Technology – TechCrunch Tracking Sentiment Around Presidential Candidates with LUX2016 Viruses or worms haven’t killed anyone – control system cyber incidents have Northrop Grumman Successfully Delivers Deformable Mirror for […]

Tamr: Connect and enrich all your data for analytics and decision making


With this post we are initiating coverage of Tamr. Tamr was founded in 2013 by a distinguished cadre of database industry veterans including Andy Palmer and Turing award winner Mike Stonebreaker. Tamr enables enterprises to make use of 100% of available data by unifying and enriching data holdings. Tamr’s data unification platform catalogues, connects and curates […]

Tracking Sentiment Around Presidential Candidates with LUX2016


With the primary race already flooding the news, the 2016 presidential election is just around the corner. Scrolling through the superfluous social media feed and news articles, a consumer is overwhelmed with information. ICG Solutions has announced their new powerful social analytics platform, LUX2016, that will track sentiment around trending candidates and issues, providing you with only […]

Viruses or worms haven’t killed anyone – control system cyber incidents have


The prevailing feeling about why there has been so little focus on securing control systems is that it isn’t real. What I constantly hear is “once there is a real control system cyber incident I will spend the time and money to address the problem”. Unfortunately, there have been already been many very significant control […]

CTOvision Now Curating Reference To Cyber Threat Intelligence Companies

CTOvision Pro Research and Advisory Services

CTOvision seeks to provide information that helps enterprise technologists succeed. This includes curated lists of technologies we believe hold the greatest potential of making dramatically positive/virtuous contributions to organizational missions. Since all of us already know the big players in tech, we tend to focus on the smaller but still very capable firms, and now curate […]

ThreatBrief: Strategic Cyber Intelligence Delivered Daily


The Daily Threat Brief provides strategic insights into threats. This is an open source intelligence report modeled after the concept of the President’s Daily Brief (PDB). Every day the analysts of Cognitio succinctly provide insights into global risk and security issues in ways that can reduce your personal and business risks and inform your strategic decision making. […]