Consider This Use Case For Supply Chain and Logistics: Enterprise data preparation with Tamr and Toyota Motor Europe.

The video here examines how Toyota Motor Europe is using Tamr for enterprise data preparation.  It is a fantastic use case for any firm or government agency that needs to optimize their supply chain. It is especially worth considering for those in the military logistics and transportation area.  

How Can Sysadmins Foster Better Employee Communication?

Sysadmins are now interacting with employees more than ever – so it’s imperative that they learn how to effectively communicate. We’ll explain how they can. As a sysadmin, it can be difficult communicating with non-technical employees. They lack the understanding of your organization’s backend that you have, and if they do have technical knowledge, it’s […]

Cray Targets Enterprise Big Data with New Open Agile Analytics System

Today, global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. has announced the launch of the Cray® Urika®-GX system — the first agile analytics platform that fuses supercomputing technologies with an open, enterprise-ready software framework for big data analytics. The Cray Urika-GX system contributes to organizational missions by providing unprecedented versatility for running multiple analytics workloads. These workloads can be run […]

Moving Toward a Framework for Resilient Cybersecurity: Expanding to a Hybrid Security Architecture

This post was written by Cognitio and sponsored by Verisign. Hybrid architectures are a reality in today’s complex enterprise environments. The pervasiveness, affordability, and flexibility of cloud infrastructure and services are driving organizations to choose a mixture of on premise, private, and public cloud computing capabilities to meet their needs. So far we have laid out a […]

An Update On The Megatrend of Artificial Intelligence

There are seven key megatrends driving the future of enterprise IT. You can remember them all with the helpful mnemonic acronym CAMBRIC, which stands for Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Big Data, Robotics, Internet of Things, CyberSecurity. In this post we dive deeper into Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the discipline of thinking machines. The field is growing dramatically with the proliferation […]

Using Big Data to Build Brand Evangelists Within Your Company

Any organization, whether big or small, will always struggle with getting public recognition. Marketers want to improve brand awareness, brand equity, and brand humanization to give it a positive impact. The most powerful, loyal and vibrant brand evangelist are the most important people in making a business voice heard. These evangelists are within the corporation […]