At CTOvision.com we write about technology, with a focus on technology of relevance to enterprise technologists. The blog was founded by Bob Gourley. Bob remains our editor and publisher.

Our authors include:

  • Bob Gourley: Bob Gourley is a co-founder and Partner at Cognitio.  He is the publisher of CTOvision.com and ThreatBrief.comBob's background is as an all source intelligence analyst and an enterprise CTO. Find him on Twitter at @BobGourley
  • Shannon PerryShannon Perry is an award winning writer and analyst with a background in statistics & science, technology and international affairs. He writes at at CTOvision.com.
  • Katie Kennedy:Katie Kennedy is a research analyst at Cognitio Corp . She writes atCTOvision.com Katie's background is as an analyst and a writer. Find her on Twitter at @MissKatherineLK
  • Adam ElkusAdam Elkus is a PhD student in Computational Social Science at George Mason University. He writes on national security, technology, and strategy at CTOvision.com , War on the Rocks, and his own blog Rethinking Security. His work has been published in The Atlantic, Journal of Military Operations Foreign Policy, West Point Counterterrorism Center Sentinel, and other publications.


Our premier publication is our monthly technology review. Every month we send this to over 22000 technology thought leaders. This monthly summarizes reporting from the CTOvision.com blog as well as tech trends from the IT industry. The monthly also provide links to our technology assessments.

CTOvision offers a subscription only research and advisory service called CTOvision Pro for the enterprise technologist seeking more in depth information on advanced technologies and concepts of operation.

Here are some other features optimized in recent designs:

  • Our Newsletter selections have been expanded to include new topics (including Analytics, Big Data, Enterprise Technology, Cyber Security, Intelligence Community and DoD Technologies, and Mobility), so you can better tailor your feeds based on your interest area.
  • The CTOvision Events Calendar has been modernized and improved and transformed into a visual posterboard of coming events of high interest to technology professionals.
  • Our Disruptive IT group on LinkedIn has been made public, so the dialog underway there can be shared more broadly (we are still only allowing enterprise IT professionals to join this group, if that is you please find us here).

We would love your feedback on any of these capabilities, and would welcome suggestions on other things you think we should be working on.