Gain Powerful Insights Into The Future With OODA Loop’s Technology Tracking

In a continuation of our journey to bring the best, most actionable technology content to enterprise decision-makers we have merged our research and reporting activities into the site (both and are owned and operated by OODA LLC).

CTOvision will focus only on one small niche, a vision for a technology enabled future. Fuel for anyone who believes, like we do, that open societies must build or die.

The technology reporting of OODA Loop includes daily summaries of technological risk and opportunity, and research driven by our member community into topics required to inform their decisions.

Here is more of what we are up to at OODA Loop:

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Decision Intelligence
The greatest determinant of your success will be the quality of your decisions. We examine frameworks for understanding and reducing risk while enabling opportunities. Topics include Black Swans, Gray Rhinos, Foresight, Strategy, Stratigames, Business Intelligence and Intelligent Enterprises. Leadership in the modern age is also a key topic in this domain.Explore Decision Intelligence
Disruptive/ Exponential Technology
We track the rapidly changing world of technology with a focus on what leaders need to know to improve decision-making. Gain insights into the future of tech in a way that enables optimized action. We provide deep insights into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing, Security Technology, Space Technology.Explore Disruptive/ Exponential Tech
Security and Resiliency
Security and resiliency topics include geopolitical and cyber risk, cyber conflict, cyber diplomacy, cybersecurity, nation state conflict, non-nation state conflict, global health, international crime, supply chain and terrorism.Explore Security and Resiliency
The OODA community includes a broad group of decision-makers, analysts, entrepreneurs, government leaders and tech creators. Interact with and learn from your peers via the OODA Forum, online monthly meetings, OODA Salons, the OODAcast, in-person conferences and an online forum. For the most sensitive discussions interact with executive leaders via a closed Wickr channel. The community also has access to a member only video library.Explore The OODA Community

Join the OODA Forum

The OODA Forum is a unique place where our community can connect to dialog directly on items of common interest, as well as steer our research and reporting. Visit and ask questions and provide your insights to the community on topics of security, cybersecurity, resiliency, geopolitics and technology. We also use the forum to help keep all in the loop regarding coming events.

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