Call for speakers: O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference June 26–29, 2017 NYC

The O’Reilly AI Conference is returning to New York June 26–29, 2017 to explore the most essential and intriguing topics in intelligence engineering and applied AI. The program will cover the latest developments in tools, algorithms, and architectures, applications such as finance and robotics, novel interfaces like bots, plus much more. We’re looking for compelling […]

Naturally Better Security: Leveraging the power of nature to enhance Internet security

Nature has provided insights for engineers for years, inspiring technical solutions to challenges that replicate the elegant perfection of approaches that work in the natural world. Solutions inspired by nature are being applied to diverse fields including energy production, medicine and healthcare, architecture, food production, transportation and manufacturing. Nature is now providing engineers with the […]

Cognitio’s Cloud Transition Framework Captures Lessons Learned From Real-World Cloud Implementations

The move toward cloud computing as a technology design style continues to accelerate. We all know the expected benefits: reduction in CAPEX, better utilization of resources, improved system availability, better disaster recovery, and flexibility of compute and storage resources. Add in the ability to engineer fine-grained solutions to provide unique opportunities for creating responsive, mission-focused […]

What Can You Do About Malware In The Cloud?

he cloud isn’t the safe haven you might think it is. Malware exists even there – and it spreads fast. It’s easy to forget amidst all the rhetoric and buzzphrases. The cloud isn’t some mystical, software-based entity, completely detached from the physical world. It has a physical backend. And like any system with a physical […]

Situational Awareness Is Key To Enhancing Your Cyber Security Posture

We publish the daily Threat Brief to provide actionable intelligence for busy decision-makers. Every day at 8am eastern our daily provides a succinct overview of information that can help you better defend your organization. A feature of every daily is a quickly skimmable index to stories that lets you decide what to focus on. Topics […]

How Far has Face-Tracking Technology Come in 2016?

The latest Snapchat lens that gives you fox ears may be nothing more than a passing distraction to send to your friends, but that lens, colloquially known as a “filter,” utilizes surprisingly advanced face tracking technology. Looksery, the Ukrainian startup that developed Snapchat’s filter technology (which Snapchat acquired for $150 million), created software that can […]