How Big Data Can Tell You Which Book to Read Next

If you enjoy to read, but still haven’t decided on your next book to cozy up with on that upcoming rainy day, your smartphone might be able to suggest one. Artificial intelligence (AI) through big data is now able to rank literature for deciding which will be the next bestseller – a kind of recommendation […]

5 Powerful Ways Businesses Benefit From Data Visualization

Data visualization can play a pivotal role in helping businesses improve their sales goals and budgeting while expanding and better planning sales territories. With companies increasing their amount of data each year, data visualization makes sense to help organize and analyze data for meaningful value. Additionally, data visualization aids in real-time monitoring, for time-sensitive cases. […]

FBI Deputy Director On Russian Election Influence Ops: “We should have seen this coming”

The Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, has just said something we should all pay attention to regarding Russian election influence operations. “We sort of should have seen this coming.” No kidding! Many of us did (CTOvision readers had plenty of pontification on this including the sternly titled:  Clear And Unambiguous Warning: Cyber Attacks […]

Track the Correct Service Desk Metrics for the Right Reasons

You have successfully created an array of reports and figures that can tell you everything about every aspect of every call ever logged for your organization’s service issues. You now have a great deal of information that will take time from what you should be focusing on: the customer. I’ve noticed that there’s a tendency […]

SINET 16 Innovator Winners: Every year this list highlights firms every enterprise tech professional should track

The Security Innovation Network (SINET) is on a mission. This group coordinates and collaborates among many stakeholders in the business community, government and the world of tech innovation to move the state of cybersecurity forward. SINET knows that effective cybersecurity is required to facilitate economic growth, protect critical infrastructure and maintain political stability. Under the […]

Five General Maintenance Tasks Every Webmaster Needs To Do

You are no longer a web student… today, you become a webmaster! But what does that mean, exactly? What does a webmaster do? Or, more to the point, what does a good webmaster do? Whether you’re an aspiring webmaster, an experienced one looking to improve their game, or a hiring manager that wants to know […]