The Christian Science Monitor and New America’s Monthly Podcast on Things Cyber


Peter W. Singer, strategist at the New Ameria think tank and author of “Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs To know” and Sara Sorcher, deputy editor of The Christian Science Monitor’s new cybersecurity section, Passcode, provide a monthly podcast of interest to cybersecurity professionals. The second installment of this podcast is now available. Both are […]

Know The Threat: Participate in a 15 Apr executive webinar on the cyber threat


On 15 April at 10am EDT Cognitio will present a webinar on the Cyber Threat. This presentation will examine the threat from the perspective of seasoned professionals who have spent years in direct contact with adversaries defending both corporate and government systems. The webinar provides facts and observations on the cyber threat in ways that will inform your decision-making […]

The Cyber Threat: Now Number One Best Seller in Amazon’s White Collar Crime Category


The paperback version of our book The Cyber Threat is now ranked by Amazon as the number one best seller in their White Collar Crime category. Most cyber threats today are associated by crime and we are very proud to be ranked so high in this category (the book is also trending well in categories of […]

The CTOvision Events Calendar: We curate the top cyber, cloud and analytical events for enterprise technologists


CTOvision readers are among the busiest people in the community, far too busy to waste time on attending the wrong event. We would like to help you as you consider which events warrant your time and attention. To address this issue we maintain the CTOvision Events Calendar. The calendar includes any event we are attending, […]

Federal Strategies for the Startup CEO


One of our more popular white papers (with over 2000 downloads) is titled “Advice for the Tech Startup CEO Considering a Federal Strategy.” We have just updated this paper with new advice and actionable information relevant to any firm with advanced technology seeking to serve federal missions and grow their business. The paper is designed […]

Palo Alto Networks Uses Neural Networks to Attack Insider Threat


It is no secret that insider threat is a serious issue that every organization is facing. A look back at 2014 reveals any number of breaches that can be traced back to malicious or exploited insiders. The 2014 Data Breach Investigation Report published by Verizon highlighted that insider threats showed the most significant year over year growth […]