Disclaimers and Bias

This blog is curated and edited by Bob Gourley with inputs from the Crucial Point technology team plus guest authors. We are involved with many companies in the IT enterprise and try to make our biases clear but the most important disclaimer we have to make is that  you should evaluate everything written here yourself. We are hoping the things here are of interest and use but please use your own judgment.

One key bias comes from the years Bob Gourley spent  in the US national security community.  Most everything we do is  somehow supportive of or related to national security.  Another bias we have is our perspectives of enterprise technology.  Gourley was an enterprise CTO and now we study them.

Our consultancy is Crucial Point LLC.  The team there serves several IT companies, some big and some small.   And we also serve other companies that serve portfolios of IT companies, which complicates and clouds who we might be serving at any one time.  If you are really interested in which companies we are serving please ask and we will sort that out for you.  But in general we seek out high tech firms that offer capabilities that can dramatically improve the ability of federal enterprises to accomplish their mission.  Although we have worked for very large companies, we frequently work with new underdogs who we think will grow to dramatically change things in a very positive way.

All the above is just another reason to underscore, that although we believe what we write, you should think through your own conclusions about everything.