New OODAloop Subscription Model: Delivering actionable intelligence for all

We’ve made some exciting changes to our OODA Loop subscription model we would like to bring to your attention. is has always been focused on providing insightful research to business and government decision-makers. Previously, site content was restricted to OODA Network members, but we’ve heard from many of you asking for a way to get access to the content without access to other Member benefits such as monthly meetings, networking events, online training and OODA Unlocked deals.

We’ve now introduced a subscription-only option that gives you access to all site content for only $9.95/month or $100/year. This allows you to take advantage of our great premium content on and our historical national security database at Boyd.AI without becoming a full OODA Network Member.

To take advantage of this offer and put our analysts on your team, please visit this link:

Additionally, if you subscribe before Monday, you can use the coupon code OODAsub to take 25% off your first month or 25% off your first yearly subscription.

For information on group discounts or government access to our content please reply to this email with your needs.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bob Gourley

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