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CTOvision Pro Tech News 20 Feb 2018

News and reports captured below point to a continued very high level of investment in technologies and companies around the blockchain. So much action is underway it is clear this new concept will be changing our world. The question is, when and how? Most of the reports below are about investments, which take time to […]

CERIAS Security Symposium April 3-4 2018: The 20th Anniversary of Purdue University CERIAS

CERIAS is one of the forces of good in cyberspace. For 20 years they have been pulling together thought leaders, researchers, business leaders, academics and other stakeholders to further the art and science of security research. Their continuous action is known by a wide swath of professionals. They gather the community yearly at an annual […]

As We May Think: Vannevar Bush’s 1945 Essay still provides great motivational concepts for advancing science

Many of us today are seeking ideas on how to deal with the massive, overwhelming deluge of data and information, both at work and at home. If that describes you, one recommendation I have is this: If you want a new idea, turn to history. One great icon of this info age, Vannevar Bush (1890-1974), […]

More Thoughts from a Seasoned IT Professional and Security Rookie

Note: I’ve been asked to post this from a reader that asked to remain anonymous but would like to inject some thoughts into our dialog here. This is the second in this series (the first was here). If you have thoughts you would like to insert into the discussion feel free to contact us. -mj […]

Thiel, Hoffman, and Spiderman Ethics

The tech world is great for those that love to learn. Things are changing fast so learning is critical. One of the great ways to learn is to track the words of the creators of tech. Two of the great tech investor/creators, Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman, recently sat down for a discussion moderated by […]

CTOvision Tech News 13 Feb 2018

News over the past week underscored the very interesting dynamics of cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. One of the great tech champions from Silicon Valley recently summed this dynamic up very well. Peter Thiel said it this way: “Crypto is decentralizing, AI is centralizing. Or, if you want to frame it more ideologically, crypto is libertarian […]