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The Report The Cybersecurity Commission Should Have Sent To the President and President Elect

On 1 December The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity issued their key deliverable, the report on Securing and Growing The Digital Economy. That is a good report. For policy-makers new to cybersecurity the introduction recaps issues the nation has been dealing with for quite some time now. And the many recommendations are things we should […]

Why Smart Manufacturing is a Dumb Idea

Someone asked me recently my thoughts on Smart Manufacturing. The so-called IT revolution in the factory. They couldn’t believe that I didn’t see Smart Manufacturing as the salvation of American manufacturing. Don’t misunderstand me. Smart Manufacturing has a place in reviving American manufacturing. I have a smart factory. We employ the latest in pick to […]

Why Now Is the Ideal Time for the CIO to Work with Graphs

Commercial corporations in the Internet Age face endlessly growing data asset management – but traditional business technology isn’t the way to help, argues Neo Technology’s Emil Eifrem Digital consumers are generating data at an exponential rate, via social networking, emails, blogs and smartphones. One telling metric: trend spotter Mary Meeker has found that we now […]

DoD Contractors: Complying with new DFARS regulations is easier with external help

If you are a DoD contractor of any size, including sub contractors to other contractors, you no doubt have already heard of the new changes to the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARS) requiring enhanced security controls over contract info. The regulations are specific and will be costly. The good news is that the cost of compliance is […]

Are US Retailers Black Friday Combat Ready?

Editor’s note: Sanjeev Sularia, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Intelligence Node, argues that if your brand has any chance of making a play this shopping weekend, pricing is key. His post is also relevant to non-retail organizations and even government. No matter what field you are in, ask yourself, can you change as fast […]

Cybersecurity Protocols to Implement in an Always-Connected Workforce

It used to be that workers would come into the office, sit at their desk, work for eight hours (with a break for lunch in there somewhere), and then go home. Now, however, work is moving out of the office and into, well… everywhere else. With teleconferencing, smartphones, cloud computing, and a long line of […]