About Bob Gourley

Bob Gourley is a Co-founder and Partner at Cognitio and the publisher of CTOvision.com and ThreatBrief.com. Bob's background is as an all source intelligence analyst and an enterprise CTO. Find him on Twitter at @BobGourley

Cognitio and ThreatBrief in People Magazine: Security tips for the general public

One of the key lines of business at Cognitio is our cybersecurity practice. We help enterprises build action plans to mitigate risks and improve their security posture. Increasingly we are also asked to provide tips and techniques for employees to consider in their personal lives. Every person with a computer or phone has information at […]

Cloud Communications Alliance and Cyber Threats in the Cloud

The Cloud Communications Alliance is an industry peer association dedicated to fostering the growth of cloud communications. They promote awareness, adoption and understanding of cloud communications services and their benefits. In doing so they are enabling and nurturing a key element of cloud disruption and are adding value to billions of people in doing so. […]

Snakes in the Satellites: PassiveTotal provides an update on a massive adversary infrastructure

For the last year Passive Total has been providing open analysis on an interesting piece of adversary infrastructure and in doing so are shedding informative light not just on that particular adversary activity but on how multiple sources of information can be pulled together to form a more complete picture of what is going on. […]

The Cyber Threat To Credit Unions: Lessons to inform a solid defense

This 27 Sep 2016 webinar is free for all credit unions: The nature of cyber threats to financial institutions continues to evolve, illuminating emerging risks to credit unions. This webinar, which is open to all credit unions free-of-charge, covers lessons learned from Cognitio, a consultancy specializing in mitigating cyber threats. Presenter Bob Gourley knows the […]

The 4 October Synergy Forum: Fantastic speakers, even more fantastic attendees

We really look forward to meeting with CTOvision readers at the  Second Annual Synergy Forum which will be held 4 October 2016 at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel. Cognitio organizes this event with a focus on decision-makers. You will find this venue to be a fantastic way to share lessons learned and best practices with some of the […]

Strata + Hadoop World New York 2016: Save 20% with our discount code

There’s no conference quite like Strata + Hadoop World. Just a few days among the best minds in data can entirely change the way you think about data—and can provide tips and techniques that can save you hours of time. Find out why one attendee said “I learned more about big data in just three […]