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    Mitigating Advanced Threats with Scalable and Automated Malware Analysis: An interview of Chad Loeven and Mike Hylton

    Mitigating Advanced Threats with Scalable and Automated Malware Analysis: An interview of Chad Loeven and Mike Hylton Scalable automated malware analysis has become a critical component of enterprise defense. When properly implemented it can be key to mitigating malware threats that otherwise bypass perimeter defenses. In this post we provide context enterprise architects and security […] More

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    CTOvision and OODA: Big Changes Coming Soon

    In a continuation of our journey to bring the best, most actionable technology content to enterprise decision-makers we are merging our research and reporting activities into the site (both and are owned and operated by OODA LLC). This will give our community access to the same technology summaries we currently produce as […] More

  • Give Your Career A Boost By Learning From Experienced Decision Makers

    Our video and audio podcast, the OODAcast, provides content that can help accelerate your career and improve your decision making. The series is based on interviews of some of the greatest most accomplished enterprise technologists we can find. We ask questions designed to pull out lessons applicable to accelerating the career of any professional. We […] More

  • Announcing Open 3D Engine (O3DE)

    Amazon has shifted its Lumberyard game engine to open source. This is big news not just for the gaming industry, but for any industry that can benefit from 3D modeling, 3D simulation, 3D planning/design. For more see: For more see : Amazon Web Services aka AWS. More

  • OODA on Mitigating Cyber Risks In The Age of Continuous Crisis

    In early May we began a discussion with our OODA Network members that started with an observation. About six months prior we had been through the Solar Winds attack, which from our perspective was clearly one of the most damaging attacks/espionage operations in history. Soon after that, the attack series named Hafnium by Microsoft was […] More

  • Summary of the US Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 (USICA): Bipartisan, Bicameral Legislation For Action

    The United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 (USICA), formerly known as the Endless Frontier Act, passed into law on 8 June 2021. It authorizes $110 Billion for basic and advanced technology research over a five year period. It includes investment in: Artificial intelligence and machine learning High performance computing, semiconductors, and advanced computer […] More

  • Any Firm That Wants To Serve Defense Intelligence Missions Needs To See This

    The video at this link is from the 11 June 2021 House Armed Services Committee meeting. This includes testimony and questions and answers at the subcommittee on intelligence and special operations, this session is focused on FY22 Defense Intelligence Enterprise Posture. Purpose: The Subcommittee will receive testimony on the Department’s intelligence strategies, policies, and programs. […] More

  • Update On Palantir Gotham for Defense Decision Making

    Embedded below is a video which includes a demo of real world capabilities. The video succinctly captures insights into ways the Palantir Gotham framework supports decision-making at all levels of an organization. The video shares some of how data challenges in complex national security and defense domains are being addressed and walks through a scenario […] More

  • Making Sense of the Competitive Environment

    OODA members have access to a wide range of premium content and research designed to enable optimal decisions in competitive situations. For speed of access members can use the search function or can find relevant research based on the categorization below: Cybersecurity Sensemaking: Strategic intelligence to inform your decisionmaking The OODA leadership and analysts have […] More

  • The US Cyber Games: More Important For Humanity Than The Olympics

    I love the Olympics. They are a source of hope for a future when nation’s will spend more time collaborating on how to achieve a more prosperous future where human rights and liberty is universally accepted. But meanwhile, the interconnectivity of our IT and presence of adversaries in cyberspace is threatening our pursuit of liberty […] More

  • Optimizing Corporate Intelligence with OODA Loop

    This post is part of our Intelligent Enterprise series, which providing insights aimed at corporate strategists seeking competitive advantage through better and more accurate decision-making. The first post provided foundational insights into A Practitioner’s View of Corporate Intelligence. This one dives into actionable recommendation on ways to optimize a corporate intelligence effort. It is based on a career serving large scale analytical efforts in the US Intelligence Community and in applying principles of intelligence in corporate America. More

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