Android: Disruptive? Not enough info to say

Google and T-Mobile just announced the arrival of the G1 device today.  This is the first cell phone to use Google’s new open “Android” operating system.   Android will almost certainly change the mobile computing fabric.  It is the first open and free mobile platform and since it is backed by Google it is not going […]

5 Gadgets that I can't wait to see in the New Year

2010 will bring a load of new gadgets, technology, and advancements for consumers and enterprises alike.  Microsoft is releasing Office 2010, Apple is releasing their new Tablet (iTablet), NVIDIA is releasing their “GeForce 3XX” series of graphics cards, SSD’s will be (hopefully) affordable, and Sprint should have a 4G/3G phone. Office 2010 – with the […]

7 Differentiators of Notion Ink's Adam Tablet

In mid February, Notion Ink released completed specs on their Adam tablet (here).  It did not receive the attention that Steve Jobs did with the Apple iPad, but in my estimation it is the far superior device.   Apple has the ecosystem to back their products with a large application catalog.  Apple also has the […]

Live Blog from Gov 2.0 Expo – Best Practices in Smartphone App Development

Bob and I are very interested in Smartphone app development, specifically Android development.  Apps are being used across the world to enable work, play, and collaboration.  App development and sales is a huge economical force.  Governments are starting to use apps to make work easier – there are even military apps for the iPhone.  Basically […]

A Few Questions to Ask yourself before you Order the iPhone 4

Last week, Steve Jobs released Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 4.  It is without a doubt a stunning piece of engineering and design.  I, for one, certainly find it the most attractive iPhone yet.  The new iPhone has the same A4 processor as the iPad, and a “retina display” screen.  The new screen has packed more pixels into […]

Dear Samsung, the Galaxy Tab? I'm not buying it.

As a very satisfied Android user, I was hoping that the first mass-market android tablet would be a powerful counter to the Apple iPad. I have been severely disappointed.