Nokia Lumina 1020’s New 41-Megapixel Camera

Are you the kind of person who loves to take pictures with their camera phone? In a recent trip to Europe, I broke my camera and was only left using the camera in my phone. While I did take some amazing pictures, I wish my phone camera could take high resolution pictures like my digital […]

What the Microsoft buyout of Nokia means to the consumer

Recently, Microsoft announced that they will be buying Nokia’s mobile division. In my mind, this was the inevitable conclusion of Nokia’s announcement that they would only manufacture Windows Mobile devices. Microsoft has struggled greatly with their Surface RT device, and Microsoft has had to cut the price (and toss in the $130 keyboard cover) to […]

T-Mobile to get iDevices in 2013, Nokia's taking another swing and more

Here are the top mobile news and stories of the day. Apple and T-Mobile USA partner up to sell products in 2013 – iPhones and maybe iPads will be coming to T-Mobile in the new year. This is a huge gain for the carrier, because they don’t have much else going on. Without the iPhone 5, […]

BlackBerry 10 videos, Why Nokia dropped MeeGo and more

Here are today’s top mobile news and stories. The Story of Nokia MeeGo – MeeGo was one of the first touch operating systems that would resemble anything we know today. For a while, it was the most used mobile OS worldwide (and Nokia the largest smartphone manufacturer). With the advent of iOS and Android, this all […]

Android at 1.3M activations a day, Nokia Releases the Lumia 920 and more

Here is yesterday’s top tech news and stories. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, reported on the status of Android devices – they are seeing 1.3M activations a day, to total 480M devices, and even 70k tablet activations a day. A lot of their strength is on sales of devices such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but […]

Android Continues To Lead US Smartphone Market

New reporting by Nielsen provides context on smartphone buying habits important for enterprise technologists to understand. According to Nielsen, two thirds of mobile buyers are now buying smartphones, and Android is dominating this smartphone market.   51.8% of smartphone owners are using an Android OS handset. Just over a third (34%) of smartphone owners use an […]