Consider This Use Case For Supply Chain and Logistics: Enterprise data preparation with Tamr and Toyota Motor Europe.

The video here examines how Toyota Motor Europe is using Tamr for enterprise data preparation.  It is a fantastic use case for any firm or government agency that needs to optimize their supply chain. It is especially worth considering for those in the military logistics and transportation area.  

For Want of a Patch (& a Supply Chain)

For Want of a Patch For want of a patch the component was lost. For want of a component the stack was lost. For want of a stack the system was lost. For want of a system the message was lost. For want of a message the cyberbattle was lost. For want of a battle the enterprise was […]

Trusted Cyber Collaboration Workshop: A gathering of the leaders in secure collaboration and cyber security 24-26 Sep in DC

The 2014 Trusted Cyber Collaboration Workshop is being held 24-26 Sep in DC. This gathering, facilitated by the Transglobal Secure Collaboration Participation (TSCP)  pulls together leaders in real secure information exchange, including information exchange across and between enterprises. More from:   Join the Leaders in Secure Collaboration TSCP is proud to present the Trusted Cyber […]

5-6 May 2014 Global Supply Chain Risk Assessment: A joint MORS/SARMA Workshop

The Security Analysis and Risk Management Association (SARMA) and the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) are partnering to help advance the body of knowledge around global supply chain risk management on 5 and 6 May. Please see the details below and click here to register. Please join us for a two day workshop Global Supply Chain Risk […]

NIST Publishes IT Supply Chain Risk Guidance, FBI Explores Wisconsin Payroll Hack and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. NIST publishes IT supply chain risk guidance – Supply Chain Risk management will be a growing concern as we continue to source almost all of our silicon and technology from foreign countries. The NIST document “calls for procurement organizations to establish a coordinated team approach to assess the […]

Pentaho: Data Integration Platform Enabling Intuitive Analytics

Pentaho Business Analytics enables business users to intuitively access, explore and analyze all data, enabling them to make information-driven decisions that positively impact the performance of their organizations. Pentaho Business Analytics allows IT to rapidly develop and deploy a secure, scalable, flexible and east to manage business analytics platform. Pentaho Business Analytics offers native support […]