Altered Carbon: SciFi Action Exploring Concepts Of Bio-Sciences and The Ultimate In Personal IT

Altered Carbon is a great series examining lots of interesting and thought provoking questions of what our future might be and what we might not want to see happen to humanity. It is based on an award-winning cyberpunk novel by Richard K. Morgan, and stars Joel Kinnaman (which you may recall from Robocop). We most strongly recommend the series to any technology professional. It may help you think through the future we are building so you can decide what to accelerate and what to delay.

Before watching the series, you can see the short clip below meant to get your brain in the game. It is made to sound like a documentary, and is narrated by by "Mr. Fun At Parties" Neil deGrasse Tyson himself, with great thoughts by the author of the Altered Carbon book Richard K. Morgan.

This quick concept intro is of course a lead in into the series. But watch for the mind expanding questions and context:

And to watch the series, see Altered Carbon on Netflix

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Bob Gourley

Founder and CTO at Crucial Point LLC
Bob Gourley is the founder and CTO of Crucial Point LLC where he leads technology due diligence consulting. He is the publisher of and Bob's background is as an all source intelligence analyst and an enterprise CTO. Find him on Twitter at @BobGourley
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