Anduril Industries: Bringing Silicon Valley ingenuity, speed, and funding to defense and security

Created by tech innovators on a mission to solve critical challenges in national security, Anduril brings Silicon Valley ingenuity, speed, and funding to defense and security.

We track Anduril in our directory of disruptive technologies, but frankly had a hard time categorizing where it should be. This is not an IT company, but clearly they master IT. In the end the category that seems to fit the both is our directory of robotics related capabilities, but we may need to create a new category that is a better fit.

In less than a year, Anduril went from concept to product, with multiple deployments actively solving real world national security problems.

Today, Anduril is in a rapid growth phase, deploying technology in diverse locations and developing pathmaking products with the objective of changing defense forever.

Anduril’s technology ethos is based in our founders’ experience delivering cutting-edge consumer hardware and national-security software, leveraging off-the-shelf components with custom engineering to bring products to market faster, cheaper and more effectively than ever before.

The Anduril team includes makers, jacks of all trades, and deep specialists, working on delivering capabilities that the US and its allies will require to succeed–from autonomous vehicles, sensor platforms, and watercrafts, to cutting-edge applications of virtual reality and AI to national defense.

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