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Robots are Coming! And the IT department will probably have to repair them and keep them going. Operating along a spectrum of human controlled to semi-autonomous to totally independent, robots are already operating in our world. They save lives in hospitals, are taking the place of humans in dangerous jobs, improve our oil exploration and farming, endure the hazards of outer space and now fight our wars. Soon they will make driving safe. Like AI, Robotics hold great potential to displace large portions of the global workforce. Robotic factories are already causing a large shift of manufacturing back from China to the US and we expect that trend to continue (but the bad news is that new robotic manufacturing plants employ far fewer people).

Dedrone: Leading provider in airspace security

Dedrone is the leading provider in airspace security. They created the first automated software platform that detects drones and mitigates all known drone threats. They are attracting lots of attention in the security community, as well as from investors. They are one of the portfolio of JC2 Ventures, for example. Dedrone’s aerial intrusion detection platform […]

Improbable: Simulation platform technology

Improbable is developing an operating environment that makes building simulated worlds possible. Improbable is developing SpatialOS; a distributed operating system that makes building simulated worlds possible. Simulated worlds provide unique insight to those asking questions of complex systems. As well as enabling completely new experiences in gaming, simulated worlds can solve significant problems in areas as diverse […]

Boston Dynamics: On a mission to build the most advanced robots on earth

Boston Dynamics is an engineering company that specializes in building dynamic robots and software for human simulation. You know doubt know of them from the many videos they produce. One of the more recent ones is below: Currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Google, Inc. Began as a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where […]

Airware: Powering Drones For The Enterprise

We have watched Airware with enthusiasm and excitement for years now, and are so happy to see the enterprise grade capabilities they are enabling in drones. Airware is one of the firms in John Chambers’ new VC fund’s portfolio. For a quick look at some of what they are enabling see the video at this […]

Anki: A robotics company bringing artificial intelligence and robotics into the real world

One of the biggest problems in robotics deals with how a mobile device can know, with precision, where it is. This might sound easy to do but it is complicated by the fact that autonomous robots can move all over the place including over and through a variety of changing environments. The longer a robot […]