InterConnect 2016: IBM’s Examination Of All Things Cloud, AI, Mobility, Big Data, Robotics, IoT, Cyber

InterConnect 2016 is 21-25 February at the MGM Grand & Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (side note: this event attracts so many forward thinking technologists and business leaders that there are very few venues large enough to hold it). This event is a great way to learn from peers in the business and technology community, […]

6 Things Amazon Can Teach us About How to Do Cloud Computing Correctly

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, has been setting the standard for online e-commerce solutions for some time now. But in its early adoption of cloud computing as a solution to scalability issues may just revolutionize how other companies approach the cloud as a resource. In this post, learn six things AWS can teach any business […]

Leader Of U.S. Intelligence Community Delivers Clear and Unambiguous Warning of Cyber Threat

Time for another clear and unambiguous warning on the growing cyber threat, this one in testimony to Congress by the leader of the U.S. Intelligence Community: Security of Information systems: Allow me to turn now to a transnational threat that is, at present, difficult to measure — the threat of attack against our information systems […]

CoinBase: The fastest way to get started in the Bitcoin economy

This is the second in our bitcoin series. The first was an introduction to key concepts and terms around Bitcoin titled: Crypto-currencies and their promise for enterprise technology professionals. With this post we discuss a tool you can use immediately to work with Bitcoin, CoinBase. One of the easiest ways to start learning Bitcoin is to create […]

Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) Holds 18 Feb Townhall in Mountain View: Great way for tech CEOs to learn more about serving DoD missions

On 18 Feb 2016 the newly formed Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) is hosting a townhall formatted discussion at their Mountain View offices designed to inform tech company CEOs and other tech leaders on some of the nuances to track when seeking to serve DoD mission. From their invite: In an increasingly competitive and fast-moving […]

EverLaw: Another Useful Artificial Intelligence Capability

Our list of Truly Useful Artificial Intelligence Tools You Can Use Today was out of date the minute we published it. We knew that would happen and are absolutely thrilled when we discover new capabilities that belong on this list.  One we just learned about is EverLaw, provider of perhaps the world’s most advanced litigation platform, […]