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RBAC’s Not Against the Wall: Role-based access control creates automation opportunities

Identity and access management is taking over the world. Legislative and regulatory norms dictate this. An ever-increasing number of organizations must manage and assign access privileges across their populations in a structured manner. “Role-based access control” or “RBAC” has gradually become a frequently used term. RBAC solutions address these challenges. The reasoning is simple. Organizations […]

How to be More Productive as a Data Scientist

Many data scientists find themselves in an interesting position within their organizations. For many businesses, big data is new territory and hiring data scientists is a new endeavor, usually in an area where managers and business leaders have little to no experience. All they know is that big data analytics can prove beneficial both in […]

Join Cognitio and Verisign In An Examination Of Cyber Defense Strategies For Public Sector Agencies

Verisign and Cognitio are hosting an action-oriented Cyber Strategy Seminar focused on establishing a framework for resilient cybersecurity in the public sector on Tuesday, May 3, 2016. The seminar will include a facilitated dialog in which we will explore the need to expand the security framework from the ground up and design for the changing […]

If You Are In Business Or Government You Need To Understand The Facebook Vision In This Video

Mark Zuckerberg walked through Facebook’s 10 year plan during the keynote of the F8 conference on 12 April 2016. This roadmap is grounded in reality but very exciting. And it starts with a great articulation of Facebook’s mission.  Facebook is focused clearly on connecting all people and allowing anyone to share anything with anyone. If […]

The Air Traffic Control System: We all assumed it was vulnerable, but now we know

There have been rumors in the security community for several weeks now about outages in the Swedish Air Traffic Control System that may have been caused by malicious activity.  Now reporting indicates these rumors may in fact be true. There have not been any official government reports on this, and there is no publicly available […]

Three Reasons for Procurement’s Slump with Tamr

Content for the blog post below is provided by Matt Holzapfel. This is the first in a series of blog posts. This blog series will examine the value procurement organizations are gaining by accelerating their technology agenda. Even though procurement’s constant push for efficiency gains, declining commodity process, and the rise of technology, procurement has […]