eSentire Appoints Bob Gourley To Advisory Board

Editor’s note: I am very proud to be associated with eSentire in this way. They are a tremendous firm providing businesses with cybersecurity capabilities they would not otherwise have, including an ability to tap into an always on team of experts. -bg The following is from the press release at eSentire. eSentire Appoints Cybersecurity Veteran […]

Why the U.S. National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) Matters

The post below, by Kristin Hansen with Bright Computing,  highlights IDC HPC User Forum’s panel discussions on the U.S. National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI). The NSCI was created by an executive order on July 29th. NSCI defines a military agency framework for furthering U.S. “economic competitiveness and scientific discovery” through orchestrated advances in high performance computing […]

Does Next-Generation Anti-Virus Solve the Fatal Flaws of Anti-Virus?

The chorus of voices declaring the end of anti-virus has reached a deafening pitch. Many of us in the community, myself included, have long said that anti-virus is dead and even a senior VP at Symantec has now admitted such. When the biggest anti-virus vendors, folks who want to perpetuate anti-virus myths for financial reasons, […]

SINET Announces 2015 Top 16 Emerging Cybersecurity Companies

Winners to Introduce Innovative Technologies at SINET Showcase in Washington, DC, November 3 & 4, 2015 SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SINET, an organization focused on advancing Cybersecurity innovation through public-private collaboration, announced today the winners of its annual SINET 16 Innovator competition. The companies, which were selected from a pool of 122 applicants from around the world, […]

iDefense IntelGraph: A next-generation threat intelligence platform to provide context around threats

Verisign’s iDefense Security Intelligence Services is widely known in the enterprise technology community for providing actionable intelligence on cyber threats. By actionable we mean information that can be acted on either by security and IT teams or in automated ways, but actionable is the key word here. iDefense provides information that is used to prioritize […]

Please Help Us Find And Highlight The Greatest Tech Events

We maintain our reference to technology events as a service to the enterprise technology community.  This hand-curated list contains events we believe to be of high interest to our readers (many are events we will be at ourselves). With this post I would like to ask your assistance in pointing us to events of interest. […]