The Cyber Threat Provides New Insights Into Bad Actors: Book updated with latest on threat actors and the tech ecosystem

How can I learn about cyber crime? Good question.

The Cyber Threat was written to help executives, especially those without a deep background in cybersecurity, understand the nature of adversaries in cyberspace. The book includes a new section on the technological environment that can help decision-makers get their heads around the new tech enabled world arising around us. The book also captures key lessons from the most important cyber attacks in history, providing insights any modern executive can benefit from knowing.

Now more than ever, organizations need their executives and workforce to have a better grasp of the threats to business outcomes outlined in this book.

The book is available in paperback and electronically via Kindle.

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What They Are Saying

“The Cyber Threat captures insights into dynamic adversaries that businesses and governments everywhere should be working to defeat. Knowing the threat and one’s own defenses are the first steps in winning this battle.”
Mike McConnell, Admiral, USN (Ret), Former Director of National Intelligence and Director, NSA

“There are no excuses anymore. Trying to run a business without awareness of the cyber threat is asking to be fired. The Cyber Threat succinctly articulates insights you need to know right now.”
Scott McNealy, Co-founder and Former CEO, Sun Microsystems and Chairman Wayin

“When I’m researching my own books, I always turn to Bob Gourley. I make diasasters up. He’s seen them for real. And most important, he knows how to stop them. Read this. It’ll scare you, but also protect you.”
Brad Meltzer, #1 bestselling author of The Inner Circle

“The insights Bob provides in The Cyber Threat are an essential first step in developing your cyber defense solution.”
Keith Alexander, General, USA (Ret), Former Director, NSA, and Commander, US Cyber Command

“Vaguely uneasy about your cyber security but stumped about what to do? Easy. READ THIS BOOK! “The Cyber Threat” will open your mind to a new domain and how you can make yourself safer in it.”
Michael Hayden, General, USAF (Ret), Former Director, NSA and Director, CIA

“Bob Gourley was one of the first intelligence specialists to understand the complex threats and frightening scope, and importance of the cyber threat. His book can give you the edge in what has emerged as one of the most compelling, mind-bending and fast moving issues of our time.”
Bill Studeman, Admiral, USN (Ret), Former Director, NSA and Deputy Director, CIA

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