Cybersecurity Context From Four Top Experts: Rich Baich, Bill Crowell, Anthony J. Ferrante, Jeremy King


CSO Online has just published an interview conducted by  Jeremy King where Jeremy pulled together thoughts and inputs from Rich Baich, Bill Crowell and Anthony J. Ferrante. I’ve tracked these three leaders for years, and have served on boards with Crowell and have witnessed his leadership style and insightful approach to creating workable cyber risk solutions first hand.  I have also long worked with Jeremy King, a well respected, well connected leader and the founder of Benchmark Executive Search.

From the intro to the interview:

As 2018 has arrived, I am honored to have a discussion with three of the most prominent SMEs in the world of cybersecurityRich Baich, Bill Crowell and Anthony J. Ferrante. These experts come from different aspects of the cyber ecosystem and will offer perspectives as a top Fortune 50 CISO, leading cyber venture investor, and a cyber practice leader at top consultancy who was a Chief of Staff of Cyber at FBI. Their answers that follow offer advice on some of the market trends, key issues and innovative solutions that encompass the future of information security. It is worthwhile keeping their comments as a source reference for the board/C-suite and anyone charged with corporate asset protection.

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