Definitive Guide to Threat Intelligence

It is a fact of modern life, every organization that uses technology is under attack from cyber criminals. This new fact of life has given rise to the need for actionable cyber threat intelligence. Cyber threat intelligence helps organizations of all sizes optimize defenses and protect what is most important.

If you are establishing a cyber threat intelligence program for your organization, or if you already have a cyber threat intelligence program and are wondering if you are leveraging best practices, there is a new reference I would like to bring to your attention.

Recorded Future has just released a new handbook that I consider the definitive guide to operational cyber threat intelligence. The book, titled “The Threat Intelligence Handbook A Practical Guide for Security Teams to Unlocking the Power of Intelligence” provides insights and lessons learned from real work cyber intelligence practitioners in a way that can help accelerate the standup of your threat intelligence team or optimize the activities of your existing SOC. The lessons learned and best practices captured here can help your organization prioritize defenses, improve vulnerability management, and fight fraud. While the book can help raise your defenses we all know that adversaries will continue to seek ways to surprise us and one of the most powerful contributions the book will make is to incident response teams. For those organizations that are of the size and scale to use internal “hunt teams” as part of your defenses the book will help you put in place methods to keep those hunt teams up to date on the latest adversary tools and methodologies.

Overall the book will help organizations efficiently focus on mitigating relevant risks. It has my strongest possible endorsement.

The PDF copy of the book is free to download. To read it visit:



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