What If This Is The Most Important Thing The Government Can Do To Enhance Our Cybersecurity and Prepare us for Cyber War?

What If This Is The Most Important Thing The Government Can Do To Enhance Our Cybersecurity and Prepare us for Cyber War?

soviet-military-powerIn December 1998 when transitioning into a job doing intelligence support to DoD computer network defense, one of my mentors reminded me of a Reagan-era publication that helped the public better understand the Soviet threat called “Soviet Military Power.”  This document was based on the intelligence. It provided the best possible understanding of Soviet military hardware and operational concepts but was produced at an unclassified level so it could be broadly disseminated. My mentor was making the point to me that in my new role leading intelligence support to operational cyber defense I should champion something analogous in the cyber security domain.

I believe my mentor was right and advocate this idea whenever possible. Consider this theory: if more people are really aware of the cyber threat, they will take action. Citizens will better defend their portions of cyberspace and will also be more informed voters, meaning politicians will be better informed and pay more attention to cyber policy issues. Raising awareness of the cyber threat can also motivate a better the defensive posture of businesses.

I was given reason to think of this topic again on 9 March 2016 when DIA published a video capturing key background on this publication. See it at this link and embedded below:

When you watch that, imagine what something like this could do in the cyber war domain.

Do you agree the nation could benefit from something like this produced by the intelligence community focused on the cyber threat?

Till then you have other options on the threat. One I hope you take advantage of is my book The Cyber Threat.

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And we most strongly recommend you review and track our section here on Cyber War, where we capture insights from some of the best thinkers in cyber conflict to help assess where we are and where we are going in this critical domain.

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