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OODA helps our clients identify, manage, and respond to global risks and uncertainties while exploring emerging opportunities and developing robust and adaptive strategies for the future.  We are a global strategic advisory firm with deep DNA in global security, technology, and intelligence issues.

OODA offerings include:

Security Services including CISO-as-a-Service

We live in an age of exponential change. With the impact of evolving technology and resurgent ideologies being felt world-wide. Borders shift, regimes crumble, and networks fail. Attackers seek not only financial gain, but to erode the trust of our institutions, and exploit technology as a new domain of conflict. With over 20 years of experience predicting and managing cyber threats, our team can help.

Due Diligence Services

We have extensive past performance in conducting due diligence assessments for private equity firms, holding companies, VC and strategics. At OODA we believe in creating new value through investment, partnership, and nurturing emerging concepts that have the potential for disproportionate impact on business, science, culture, or society. We are firm believers in the concept of black swans and also in the notion that trends and opportunities can be identified with thoughtful analysis and judgments about the future. We study and look to understand the environmental, technological, scientific, and geopolitical factors that will impact the future as well as the gray area phenomena on the fringe that could present unexpected challenges or opportunities.

Technology Consulting including CTO-as-a-Service

OODA maintains expertise along the full-spectrum of technical innovation to help conceive, design, develop, deploy, and integrate emerging technologies into diverse operational environments. We are early adopters and thought-leaders in determining the opportunities and risks associated with technology surprise and disruptive technologies. Our team has worked developing early stage technologies and provided technical assessments for billion dollar technology transformation programs.

We can help you understand the emerging technology landscape and develop and deploy innovative approaches and solutions. Big data, machine learning, advanced analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT), and cybersecurity are examples of technologies in our comfort zone.

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