Pentaho: Data Integration Platform Enabling Intuitive Analytics

Pentaho Business Analytics is now part of Hitachi.

Pentaho enables business users to intuitively access, explore and analyze all data, enabling them to make information-driven decisions that positively impact the performance of their organizations. Pentaho Business Analytics allows IT to rapidly develop and deploy a secure, scalable, flexible and east to manage business analytics platform.

Pentaho Business Analytics offers native support for the most popular big data sources, including Hadoop, NoSQL databases and analytic databases. From big data ingestion, preparation and integration, to interactive visualization, analysis and prediction, Pentaho allows you to harvest the meaningful patters buried in big data stores.

For a fast introduction to Pentaho see the two minute video below:

Pentaho works with customers across many industries, including retail, manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, education, finance, government, telecommunications, hospitality, transportation, media, and more.

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