Sun Tzu Thunderbolt

Sun Tzu is regarded as one of the greatest military strategists. His documentation of the best ancient strategies are studied in boardrooms and war rooms alight. His timeless wisdom is very important in the age of cyber war. His admonition that Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt rings especially true today.

Cyberwar is a state of conflict. It is related to the technological environment and to cybersecurity, but cyber conflict comprehends those and many other topics into a greater national security construct. Today our nation faces constant adversary action and conflict in cyberspace. Meeting the challenges this adversary action causes requires an understanding of what people and companies and governments can proactively do to bring the fight to adversaries. It also involves deep understanding of adversary tactics and capabilities so we can really understand The Cyber Threat.

The CTOvision Daily captures lessons learned from our close observation of adversary activity and insights from the best defensive measures being applied in organizations today. We also provide information on the technologies of defense in ways you can leverage to your benefit.

For an online portal into previous reporting on the topic see the CTOvision Cyberwar Site.

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