SecDef Says World is Exploding All Over: Some thoughts for technologists

We have to assume all our readers, being the savvy connected people you are, are tracking the many concerning global events that appear to be happening with much more frequency. Humanity has a history of violence and some have postulated that what we are seeing now is just do to better coverage of events. Personally I don’t buy that. I believe Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel captured the situation eloquently when he said “The world is exploding all over.” There are hot spots and potentially massive force on force war-starting situations in the South China Sea and East China Sea, North Korea, the Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Gaza. When you consider that the climate is most definitely changing and coming resource shortages can precipitate or escalate conflict things are even more deadly serious for humanity.

In this chaotic world where things are exploding all over, our national security community has been put under even more pressure because of deep insights into our capabilities given to adversaries because of traitorous leaks. This makes it especially hard but also serves as an important reminder that all IT needs to be fielded with end to end security in mind.

Another continuous pressure most enterprise technologists feel is coming from budgets. IT efficiency and ways to optimize spend are incredibly important in and out of government.

Government technologists have been especially stressed with support to global military and intelligence operations in an age of heightened global chaos. That remains true, of course, but there are broader points to make, including the fact that we technologists can help in shaping better outcomes in all these areas. Never has there been a greater need for the input of technologists to national security policy. There is also a need for new innovation to get more done for lower cost and to do so securely. And there is a huge need for innovation in support of national security and climate activities.

This need will continue to shape our reporting at CTOvision. We would also like to ask for your inputs. If you have topics you can shed light on that will help the broader community understand emerging requirements for solutions or if you have solutions that you need to bring to the attention of national security decision-makers please get in touch and consider submitting a guest post to the site.  Posts that are written to serve our readers have a very high chance of being approved for posting.

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