Step Inside The USC Mixed Reality Lab Creating Our Digital Future

The video at this link and embedded below captures insights by Verge reporter Adi Robertson, who brought cameras into USC’s experimental VR lab at the Institute for Creative Technologies:

This clip really gets the imagination going. Innovations have been coming out of this lab for decades and with more and more making it into real world capabilities we can expect the innovation will continue. It is where you go to see how things that seem like science fiction can become a part of our world.

The focus of current research is into realistic training and learning. But there are so many other implications. For example, project BlueShark, which is examining how virtual reality can change the command and control of ships– yes U.S. Navy Ships! Imagine a day when ships are controlled by VR. The vision of project BlueShark is to examine how the ever evolving capabilities of virtual reality can and should be driving our future.

In diving into this very interesting BlueShark project I read that there are two locations for this program, the one seen in the video at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies, and one at ONR headquarters. Now my next personal project is to go to my LinkedIn contacts and see who I know at ONR who might be able to invite me up for a demo. I have got to see this in person.

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