Now Updated for 2015: The Cyber Threat and the Role of Cyber Intelligence in Defending Your Organization


The Cyber Threat is a book published to succinctly articulate the nature of the cyber threat in ways designed to help business leaders come to terms with the nature of this phenomenon.  The book is available on Amazon (and is free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers). The book provides a high level overview of cyber threats to business […]

Your Enterprise has too many Cyber-ish People

Cyber has been called the ultimate team sport: CIOs, CTOs, SysAdmins, Software Developers, CISOs, threat teams, red teams, testing groups, etc. etc, but really should it be? It seems more like a jobs program that moves headcount from one part of the enterprise to the expensive nerdy-side. Sitting through a number of presentations at various […]

For Want of a Patch (& a Supply Chain)

For Want of a Patch For want of a patch the component was lost. For want of a component the stack was lost. For want of a stack the system was lost. For want of a system the message was lost. For want of a message the cyberbattle was lost. For want of a battle the enterprise was […]

Booz Allen Releases Annual Financial Services Cyber Trends for 2015


The question is “what will come next,” after 2014 was the “year of the breach.” Booz Allen has created a list of 2015’s top Cyber Security Trends. “Even as cyberattacks are a daily occurrence, we are seeing some major changes on the horizon,” observed Booz Allen Principal Albert Belman. “We know the nature of attacks will evolve, […]

The First Taxonomy For Cyber Defense Remains The Most Important


Cyberspace is our interconnected information technology. And since everything either is or is becoming connected, one of the defining characteristics of cyberspace is its complexity. This adds burden to cyber defenders. Defense teams require experience, education, training and a mindset that lets them continually learn. They also must forge broad teams across multiple subject and […]

United States Congress Permanent Joint Committee on Information Technology


The United States Congress Permanent Joint Committee on Information Technology does not exist, yet. But some national security and technology thinkers are considering the pros and cons of a Joint Committee like this and with this post I would like to encourage you to think through the concept yourself. First, some background on what a Joint Committee of Congress can be. Congress has great leeway in how […]