By analyzing potential futures we can draw conclusions relevant to today’s decision-makers. Pioneers A New Way To Communicate: Recommend setting up your profile now is known as the company making Bitcoin useful for developers. They provide capabilities like the 21 Bitcoin Computer which gives developers everything they need to build Bitcoin enabled apps. Perhaps more importantly they have provided tutorials, tips, FAQs and a place for developers to directly interact on all topics Bitcoin. The company is now […]

3 Things CTOs Should Know About Gig Economy This Year

A freelance graphic designer who moonlights as an Uber driver. A journalist who publishes several different articles, in wildly different topics, for several different magazines a month. A part-time high school teacher who tutors math and science for money on the weekends. These are the workers of the gig economy—and, in the rising gig economy, […]

Why Consumers Don’t Trust Self-Driving Cars

On May seventh, 2016, Joshua Brown, a 40-year-old businessman and innovation enthusiast from Canton, Ohio, was seated in the driver’s seat of his Tesla Model S car when a tractor-trailer turned over his way. The Tesla, which was on its self-driving Autopilot mode, failed to recognize the white tractor-trailer against the clear, sunny Florida sky. […]

The Data Cars Will Be Capturing by 2030 Can Only Be Described As “Big”

If you haven’t imagined it, think about this: automobiles of the future and to some extent even current vehicles are able to collect all sorts of data while you are driving them. As manufacturing designs and computer functions improve, cars will become smarter in a rapidly accelerating stream. Thanks to increasingly networked vehicles, cars of […]

Brexit: How it Will Influence the Global Auto Industry

An Historic Referendum In June 2016, voters in the United Kingdom decided by a nearly 52% to 48% vote to direct Britain to opt out of the European Union. Automotive industry analysts still wrestle with predicting the long term implications of the referendum. How will the issue impact auto makers? Currency Issues The immediate impact […]

Clear And Unambiguous Warning: Cyber Attacks Will Likely Occur On Election Day And May Threaten Our Constitutional System

I try hard to stay away from hyperbole in the hopes that when I do issue a bold warning more people will listen. But this is a pretty bold one and you should certainly dive into the observable facts yourself to come to your own conclusion. First, my assessment based on years of observation: This […]