Things To Do Right Now About Your Cybersecurity Workforce Crisis

Things To Do Right Now About Your Cybersecurity Workforce Crisis

Intel Security has released Hacking the Skills Shortage, a report revealing the current cybersecurity workforce crisis. The report is full of interesting observations. For example, 71% of respondents admitted that this lack of talent has had a direct and negative effect on their organization.

The shortage in cybersecurity skills has done measurable damage to companies. It is harder for firms to leverage new technology to compete in the market, harder to comply with government directives for protecting data, and harder to ensure the trust of partners, suppliers and customers. This shortage is causing real trouble.

The trouble only gets worse when hackers succeed. According to the Intel survey, one in three respondents admit the shortage has made their firm a more desirable hacking target (we think it is hitting far more, but that is what the survey said).

Additional key findings of the survey include:

  • 82% of respondents reported a shortage of cybersecurity skills
  • 9 out of 10 respondents say that cybersecurity technology could help compensate for skill shortages
  • 76% of respondents said their government is not investing enough in building cybersecurity talent

We have direct and personal experience in this domain and see the impact of this shortage across multiple industries. Our recommendations are that firms seek to mitigate this challenge by a comprehensive approach that includes actions like:

  • Understand that mitigating cyber risks is not just the job of the cybersecurity workforce or even the IT team. Security and IT teams play important roles, but business leaders from across the organization must be involved to mitigate digital risk.
  • Educate your entire workforce on the nature of the threat, as well as what they need to do to help keep your organization secure.
  • Review all your plans and policies to focus on ways to optimize your cybersecurity spend and optimize your need for trained cybersecurity professionals.
  • Consider the right ways to optimize your outsourcing strategy, including the smart use of cloud capabilities for your IT and also the smart use of outsourced cybersecurity vendors.
  • Consider leveraging the talents of a firm that provides CISO as a service solutions.

If your organization is suffering from the impact of the cybersecurity skills shortage we would love to hear from you and would be glad to provide more insights relevant to your planning to address this gap.

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