The video we cull from the Internet has a special focus on enterprise IT.

5 New Tech Inventions

This video has five parts, which are overviews of really cool technologies. Each provide a glimpse of tech that can make a difference in how you leverage capabilities to get things done. This includes a space-saving 3D printer, a device that transforms your TV into a touch enabled device, plus a new easy way to browse […]

Hortonworks: Using Machine and Sensor Data to Proactively Maintain Public Infrastructure

Metro Transit of St. Louis (MTL) operates the public transportation system for the St. Louis metropolitan region. Hortonworks Data Platform helps MTL meet their mission by storing and analyzing IoT data from the city’s Smart Buses, which helped the agency cut average cost per mile driven by its buses from $0.92 to $0.43. It achieved […]

Back to the future – Moonlight Maze

Thomas Rid of King’s College London presents the previously untold story of MOONLIGHT MAZE, the first known state-on-state computer espionage campaign in history (really the first “advanced persistent threat or APT). A detailed account is in the last chapter of his book Rise of the Machines.  

Suspected Russian hack of DNC emails

This video captures context on the DNC Hacks provided by Co-Founder of Cognitio and CTOvision publisher Bob Gourley. In it, Bob underscores for CBC News Network’s Michael Serapio that both forensics and motivation suggested Russian involvement. “The techniques look Russian. The tools look Russian.”

A Chat with Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, at the July 2016 Aspen Forum

In his final months in office, the Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson gives us his assessment of the state of the nation’s security. This discussion is moderated by Thom Shanker, Assistant Washington Editor of the New York Times.

Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon at Recode’s Code Conference 2016

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos talks with The Verge’s Walt Mossberg about the “gigantic” potential of artificial intelligence to change everything from shopping to self-driving cars. Bezos also discusses his purchase of the Washington Post in 2013, which he says is transforming from a local to a global institution. He explains why he opposed both Peter […]