Mark Sargeant on Bright Cluster Manager 7.2

Friday, January 22, Bright Computing announced their Bright Cluster Manager 7.2. After their announcement, they posted the video below, where Bright Computing’s Mark Sargeant talks about the functionality that has been added to this latest product release. In the video, Mark looks at each of our solution areas in turn, highlighting the key enhancements in Bright 7.2 for […]

Ultimate Data Protection – Leveraging the Power of Quantum

QuintessenceLabs, the Australian cybersecurity company whose products leverage quantum science as well as deep security expertise, has received global recognition for their game-changing cyber security systems. Their products include high speed random from a quantum source, powerful key and policy management with embedded secure key store, as well as flexible encryption modules for a range […]

The Future Is Here: Video review of 10 very innovative technologies

This short clip reviews ten technologies that are innovative and amazing, including: Sunscreen Pill Self-Fitting Clothes Universal Translators Mind Controlled Appliances Portable Healing Laser Motor Neuroprosthetics Permanent Artificial Organs Personal Nanofactory Crash-Proof Cars Avatars (DARPA)  

Now Every Home Can Have A Security Robot

The video at this link is an overview of the iCam Pro by Amaryllo. There are many other security cameras on the market, and increasingly they are connected to the Internet and controllable by your smartphone. But we found this one to be impressive because of its automated ability to track.  

Bright OpenStack and Bright for Big Data with Mark Sargeant

In the video below, Mark Sargeant addresses how Bright computing uses the power of OpenStack for their own DevOps environment, Bright for Big Data, and the value of a single pane of glass infrastructure management solution. The environment is easily managed by Bright OpenStack, which empowers faster and more efficient development cycles and better utilization of hardware, […]

PBS On: How smart is today’s artificial intelligence?

The video at this link and embedded below captures a 9 minute summary of Artificial Intelligence produced by PBS. It includes good research and video of computers and robots (and even an interview with Ray Kurzweil).