Watch Drones Build A Rope Bridge In Fight: Think of the use cases for this…

The video at this link and embedded below shows an incredible use of drones to construct a bridge that people can walk across. Doesn’t that get your mind thinking about use cases for this technology? Imagine what it will be like when it matures? Here is more from the video description: The video shows quadrocopters […]

Series on Big Data Integration with Oracle

Previously untapped data sources are now accessible to derive business value, through Big Data projects that promise a flexible and cost-effective data architecture. Integrating the new sources such as: Internet of Things, semi or un-structured data with the traditional structured data, which is typically found in business applications or data warehouses, is the key. Join Oracle […]

Two Factor Failure: With complexity comes new vulnerabilities

One of the most significant capabilities in the enterprise defensive arsenal is multi-factor authentication. There is no such thing as a single silver bullet that will mitigate all risks, but in today’s world if you do not have multi factor authentication in place you are almost negligent in your defense. Multi-factor defense helps solve many weaknesses […]

Three-Part Vodcast for the Latest Updates and Enhancements of Version 7.1 of Bright Cluster Manager

In this three-part vodcast, Ian Lumb, Product Marketing Manager, discusses Version 7.1 of Bright Cluster Manager for HPC. In part one, Lumb walks the viewers through the most significant improvement in version 7.1. The new improvements add to the completeness and robustness of the product. The improvements help users deploy, use and maintain HPC clusters […]

Good People at @SecureNinja Provide Cyber Kung Fu Certified Ethical Hacker Course Free

SecureNinja has been a force for good in the community for years, providing education and training and contributing to many online and in person events and activities (including FedCyber). We have always loved these guys. But there is something I totally missed till now that I wish I would have brought to your attention long […]

Video Presentation on Abusing Software Defined Networks

See the video at this link and embedded below: Im a huge fan of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and so many other related applications of advanced enterprise tech. But watching this video is giving me pause. It very clearly shows that current SDN implementations are full of weaknesses that could shift the SDN Utopia into […]