Datameer with Cox Automotive


Cox Automotive is using Datameer to expose their analysts to the vast amounts of data they collect, from shopping behavior to vehicle information. All the data fits into their view of a vehicle life cycle. Analysts are now exposed to data that previously could not be seen for months. Business analysts have direct access to […]

DataGravity: Data aware storage


The DataGravity Discovery Series allows IT professionals and business users to unlock the value of their data through data aware storage. For an introduction see the video at this link and embedded below:   For more see:

Robots Running Hotels


The first hotel to be completely run by robots opened Friday, July 17th in Japan. Guests will rarely see humans and they will interact primarily with robots. The front desk is staffed by a female android. The bellhop is a mechanical velociraptor. Luggage is moved to rooms by a nice little autobot. Luggage can also […]

Your Arm Can Now Be A Mobile Device


Imagine having your arm as your mobile device. Looking at texts, social media, news, phone and more on your forearm. No longer would you have to root in your purse to pick up your ringing phone, or find it buried in a pocket. With a quick flick of your wrist, your phone becomes visible on […]

The Future of Nanobots In Medicine: Including internal drug delivery

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 3.32.40 PM

Nanobots have shown great potential in the field of medicine. Now, it is not far from using nanobots to cure diseases such as cancer. Researchers of Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) have found a way to give nanobots “propellers”. They created a “nanoswimmer” the width of a silk fiber, made of several links of polymer […]

The Gesture Control Ring

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 11.30.34 AM

Have you ever wished that you could use your finger as a magical stylus to control the world around you? I know I have. Today, there is a tool that turns your finger into a “magical wand.” You can write text messages, turn on/off lights, snap a photo, change the song you are listening to, […]