The Light Phone, a Companion for your iPhone


The Light Phone might not be a high functioning smartphone with a high-def touch screen, but it does make and receive phone calls. That might not sound very interesting, but what is cool about this phone is that it can be like your virtual receptionist. Through an app on your smartphone, when a phone call […]

Datameer CEO Stefan Groschupf on the topic of Big Data


In the video below and at this link, Datameer’s CEO Stefan Groschupf  highlights the evolving nature of the Big Data landscape, drawing historical parallels and lessons worth thinking through. A key point: there are risks we must mitigate as the Hadoop ecosystem evolves.     For more information and context on data in the enterprise read Stefan […]

Reducing the Number of Speeders is Ford’s Latest Technology


Ford’s newest technology plans to turn drivers into slower, safer drivers. Ford’s “Intelligent Speed Limiter” tech will be able to read speed limit signs and keep your car at that speed, or alter your speed to the new limit. A camera mounted on the windshield scans the road signs on the sides of the highway and, when […]

The New Samsung Galaxy A5


The video below is provided by Pocketnow and features the new Samsung Galaxy A5 at the Consumer Electronics Show. The A5 is a 5-inch full HD super AMOLED display with the Android 4.4 KitKat and Samsung’s custom interface. Watch the Pocketnow video here. Related articles Samsung Rumored To Show Galaxy S6 During CES 2015 ( […]

Insider’s Guide to the New Holographic Computing


Editor’s note: we saw this post on Lewis Shepherd’s blog ( and requested Lewis share it with you here. -bg In my seven happy years at Microsoft before leaving a couple of months ago, I was never happier than when I was involved in a cool “secret project.” Last year my team and I contributed for […]

Sony’s Smart Eyeglasses


The video below and at this link was produced by The Verge to highlight one of the most interesting gadgets presented at the Consumer Electronics Show. It is a proof of concept not available for sale yet, but a developer kit has been built and will be released in March. Related articles Sony’s $1,100 Walkman, Smart Homes, […]