The video we cull from the Internet has a special focus on enterprise IT.

Viv, Your Personal Assistant

The creators of iPhone’s Siri have now created Viv, a personal assistant. Powered by artificial intelligence and an unprecedented amount of data, Viv could be the first step to connecting every service and business to the Internet. With Nuance Communications technology, the sounds a person makes are converted into on-screen words, which enables Viv to understand what […]

Giving a Voice to Those Who Cannot Speak

Through the combination of a wireless connected EEG headset from Emotiv and an assistive communication app called :prose by Smartstones, a California-based company, is giving a voice to those who have difficulty verbally communicating. The technology works by reading the brainwaves of the user and expressing them as phrases that are spoken through the app. This […]

5 Factors for Federal Agencies to Consider When Moving to the Cloud Webcast

On Thursday, May 5th, SAP NS2 hosted a webinar to present on how a number of federal agencies are making progress in their Cloud journey. They discussed how an individual can deliver more effective mission results by considering five key factors: Establishing the value proposition Building Cloud strategy and momentum Procurement considerations Implementation accelerators Overcoming adoption barriers In case you missed the […]

Cognitio’s Bob Flores and Roger Hockenberry On Cyber Risk

Cognitio’s Bob Flores and Roger Hockenberry are widely known for their ability to articulate what is important about the cyber threat and the digital risks to the modern organization. The clip below shows both Bob and Roger in action, succinctly articulating what business leaders need to know about the nature of digital risk in the […]

Black Mirror Transcends Fiction Into Reality

Fiction, especially fiction with technology components, can be an entertaining way to think through ethics issues. With that in mind a series we have been watching is the Netflix anthology called Black Mirror. Black Mirror highlights the dark side of life and technology, is now a reality. In the third episode of Season 1, “The Entire History […]

Big Data is Here and Getting Bigger

As a supercomputer maker, Cray has been delivering the massive analytic processing power required by scientists and engineers for the last 40 years. Today, they’ve harnessed those decades of know-how in their data analytics and data discovery solutions. Urika®-GD Graph Discovery Appliance Addresses the most complex problems in advanced analytics — interactive data discovery with graphs. This […]