What is the Cyber Conflict Studies Association?

The Cyber Conflict Studies Association (CCSA) is a non-profit organization formed to promote and lead a diversified research agenda in the field of cyber conflict.  The group was formed as a means to foster dialogue, lead research and develop academic programs focused on the implications of cyber conflict.

To meet these goals, CCSA promotes and leads international intellectual development efforts like workshops and conferences that bring together professionals from industry, academia and government to discuss strategic issues surrounding cyber conflict.

The CCSA also serves as a resource for national security decision-makers.  The CCSA contributes to framing issues promoting national cyber conflict policy.

How do you engage with CCSA?  If you are involved in academic research or studies in the domain, or if you are a policy-maker or thought leader in the community, engaging the CCSA is easy.  The first step is to visit the website at http://cyberconflict.org If you believe you can contribute to or benefit from the dialog please sign up for our low volume e-mail distro list. We use that to announce our workshops and conferences.

Another thing you can do is engage directly with the many writers/thinkers/thought leaders that are helping to move the cyber conflict agenda forward.  How you do that is a matter of personal and professional choice, of course.   But I hope one of the ways to engage with CCSA thought leaders is to read the blogs of CCSA members.  Some to check out:

  • Halt of the Spear: http://www.haftofthespear.com Mike Tanji writes from experience in and out of government and his blog belongs on the reading list of anyone studying cyber conflict.
  • Devost.net: http://www.devost.net/blog Matt Devost provides insights in issues of cyber security, counterterror and modern IT.
  • Selil.com:  http://selil.com This is the site of professors Sam and Sydney Liles. They write on cyber warfare, privacy, computer security and more.
  • CTOvision.com: https://ctovision.com The point and purpose of this blog is more about enterprise technology and disruptive IT, things enterprise CTOs need to track and prepare for. But the background of the blog’s founder and editor causes it to hit on cyber conflict matters as well.

Pulling together that quick list makes me think of another service the CCSA can provide the cyber conflict community.  We should probably ask the CCSA to establish a list of good cyber conflict blogs and twitter feeds.  As a start to that list, can you tell me please what your favorite cyber conflict blogs are?  Do you write a blog on that topic yourself?

We track these and many related issues in our CyberWar site.

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