JC2 Ventures: John Chambers’ New VC Fund

John Chambers is widely known as one of the great visionaries of IT, helping us all better understand the power and potential of what can be. He led Cisco Systems through exciting periods as they helped the world smartly transform to take advantage of wave after wave of technology revolution and did so with style. He is no longer CEO at Cisco (he is Chairman Emeritus), but continues to help create our collective future. One of the ways he is doing this is through this new Venture Capital fund, JC2 Ventures.

“Teaming with strategic, visionary startups, we hope to create new jobs, new markets and new possibilities for generations to come.” — John Chambers

For his vision on what the fund is to be see his short announcement below.

They already have a nice portfolio of firms (listed below). Each firm in their portfolio gets more than just investment, they get mentorship and connections by great leaders, including John Chambers himself. We have reporting on many of these firm in the past and will now renew our focus on them, clearly they are destined for big things.

For more on JC2 Ventures see: jc2ventures.com

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