Don’t Worry, We Now Have Three Old Ideas for Solving the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The Wall Street Journal proves once again that anyone can claim to be an expert in cybersecurity challenges and even provide us with solutions to enduring problems.

One enduring problem is that businesses need more cybersecurity talent. The Wall Street Journal cites a career website for cybersecurity professionals in saying there are 300,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the U.S.

The WSJ  includes context from experts in cyber security education and training, and provides three big “moonshot” solutions to the problems of cybersecurity education and training. No earth shattering ideas were in the article, all are things that have been discussed at least since the late 1990’s. But let’s pull them up from the good idea shelf, dust them off and admire them.

What are the ideas?

  • A cyber peace corps
  • A cyber ROTC
  • Financial incentives like tax breaks for cyber training

We love all those ideas! Lets do them! There, see how easy it was to say that!

I have a better idea. If you are a business leader, make sure you understand that you are responsible for mitigating cyber risks and that includes responsibilities for having a good pipeline of technical talent. Provide training and leadership to your current workforce, and seek out sources of talent that are proven to provide the types of tech champions needed in your workforce. And architect to take advantage of new approaches that outsource key parts of your commodity IT to organizations that can look over it for you so you don’t have to, and be sure to take advantage of all the security and functionality available to you in new cloud computing approaches.

And whatever you do, don’t hold your breath hoping that a government program like cyber peace corps or cyber ROTC will deliver talent to you.

There are so many more actionable things to do. Let me know if you want a list.

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