A Brief Explanation of Superfish

Sometimes big threats to consumers’ digital security and privacy come in the form of pre-installed programs, software built into consumer products that creates vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Last week, Reuters reported that the Department of Homeland Security issued an alert that a harmful pre-installed program exists on Lenovo laptops. The program – nicknamed Superfish […]

2015 Federal IT Spending Update: An analysis of the budget for CTOvision Pro Subscribers

The total federal budget is about $3.9 Trillion. Of that, about $1 Trillion is “discretionary” meaning it is something that the current government planners (Congress) government has a choice on. About $79 Billion of this is for IT. That is huge! Many firms with great technologies believe the size of the federal budget means there is something […]

Federal Government Signals Interest In Several Key Leading Edge Technologies

One of the federal government’s key procurement arms, the General Services Administration (GSA), has released a survey to the tech community in the form of a request for information asking a few simple questions regarding the experience of their vendor base. Responses are being anonymously submitted but are meant to give insights relevant to future procurements. […]

The Drone Terrorism Case That Wasn’t

Fears related to drone safety, in particular concerns about so-called “near misses” with manned aircraft, have gotten a lot of attention in recent weeks. More detailed analysis, however, has shown those fears to have been greatly exaggerated. Nonetheless, they have resulted in one senator’s call for an expansion of the FAA’s drone ban to include […]

Finding And Winning The Right Opportunities in DoD

As I walk around the exhibit halls of DoD Conferences, I try to stop at every booth, no matter how briefly. In the short time I am there, I want to understand what that company does and how they think their capability can support DoD. I am always surprised by how much talent is out […]

DoD’s Unmet Cyber Needs

Last week, DoD’s CYBER leaders met in Baltimore for AFCEA International’s newest event: Cyber Symposium. It was a very good mix of senior DoD and Industry. It’s great to see the government folks getting out again. The Cyber Symposium replaced the old Joint Warfighter Conference that has been held in Virginia Beach in the past. […]