Maximize The Value Of Your 2018 RSA Show Visit

Maximize The Value Of Your 2018 RSA Show Visit

Planning, deploying and operating a cybersecurity architecture is difficult because it requires understanding of different disciplines. The key to having a functional security architecture is integrating identity, access control, endpoint protection and file encryption systems together (across data center and cloud environments). The importance of getting everything right is even more critical with the growing threat of state-sponsored cyberattacks.

Fortunately the RSA show is one of the few events with technical personnel in attendance. The key to getting full value from your trip is fighting the urge to look at flashy displays and instead interacting with subject matter experts. Here is a simple 5-step process you should consider to maximize the value of your 2018 RSA show visit:

1 Know your cybersecurity priorities. The first step to a successful visit is having a clear understanding of your cybersecurity priorities. Create a list that groups priorities into compliance, transformational and countermeasure categories. Send an email to yourself so that you don’t miss any important details when talking to people.

2 Take time to talk to experts once you’ve found one. Once you’ve identified a person with the expertise you seek, share your priority list with them. Take the time to understand their approach to solving your problems. Ask to walk thru the software architecture of their solution to ensure you’ve not missed any important details.

3 How well does the product integrate with your environment. Cybersecurity products that don’t integrate with others are useless. Now that you’ve found a valuable product and a person who is knowledgeable, work out an integration strategy with the solution being offered and others in your environment.

4 What is the user experience and benefit. New cybersecurity products have to provide a tangible benefit to users or there will be resistance. Identify a win for the user to make the new product more appealing. Request a demo from the end user’s perspective and try it yourself.

5 Does the product protect against state-sponsored cyberattacks. Russian self-propagating malware and Chinese data exfiltration represent the biggest cybersecurity threat facing America today. Thus ask how their product helps your company protect against state-sponsored cyberattacks.

Even if you find only 2 or 3 subject matter experts to review your priority list, the trip will pay for itself. If you run out of time at the show offer to buy them dinner in exchange for their expertise – it’ll be way cheaper than hiring a consultant.

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