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  • The Internet Has A New Problem: Repeating Random Numbers!

    Digital Certificates are a foundational building block of the Internet. They are used to verify the identity of e-commerce sites, the authenticity of software and encrypt data. Not surprisingly, cyberattackers try to create fake Certificates or get the Private Keys for real ones to steal data or intercept communications. No one really worried about the […] More

  • AWS Snowball Edge And Hyper Converged Infrastructure Will Revolutionize Global Enterprises

    The recent announcement by Amazon AWS of a portable Snowball EC2 compute platform represents a significant advance in hybrid cloud/data center computing. When combined with a Hyper Converged Infrastructure  (HCI) super computer and Zero Trust Network, enterprises across a broad range of vertical markets can transform their operational model.1st Generation Hybrid: Two-Stack Architecture The 1st generation of […] More

  • Smart Cities Cybersecurity Challenge

    Smart Cities will become a full-scale cyber war battleground unless Congress mandates cybersecurity. The biggest danger in Smart Cities is the assumption that IoT sensors communicating over a 5G fabric to Machine Learning and Blockchain systems will be safe from cyberattacks. To the contrary Smart Cities suffer from all the cyber vulnerabilities we have today […] More

  • Chinese Intelligence Operations In America

    In part 2 of our Cyberwar series we’ll take a look at how the Chinese government utilizes the US’s open business environment to stage intelligence operations on American soil. Reconnaissance: While there has been a lot of recent press on Cambridge Analytica, the reality is there’s a giant industry that sells information on individuals who play […] More

  • cyber war is a cage fight

    Cyberwar Is Now A 3-Way Cage Fight

    The past few weeks has seen aggressive action by the White House against Russia and China.  Cyberwar has become a 3-way cage fight.  Here’s a quick review of the fight and tactics to improve. US Strategy Not Working: Hit Me, I Can Take It Data exfiltration by Kaspersky and Huawei have been known for years […] More

  • Secure Enclave Vidder Junaid Islam

    Secure Enclaves: Foundation For The Cloud-Based Enterprise

    This is the first in a series of blog posts examining a cloud-based enterprise. In this post we’ll introduce how a Secure Enclave can help enterprises migrate to a cloud-based model. The two dominant themes in enterprise architecture today is the desire to save money by utilizing cloud services and threat of state-sponsored cyberattacks. The […] More

  • Maximize The Value Of Your 2018 RSA Show Visit

    Planning, deploying and operating a cybersecurity architecture is difficult because it requires understanding of different disciplines. The key to having a functional security architecture is integrating identity, access control, endpoint protection and file encryption systems together (across data center and cloud environments). The importance of getting everything right is even more critical with the growing […] More

  • White House Takes Action Against Chinese Intellectual Property Theft

    On March 21, 2018 the New York Times reported that the White House was going to take aggressive action against China for illegal trade practices as well as intellectual property theft. The administration is right to do so. Drive thru middle America and you’ll see closed factories whose products are now manufactured in China. For […] More

  • Internet-connected Product Bans: How Do You Avoid Future Issues?

    Recent actions by DHS signal a closer monitoring of technology being purchased by the U.S. government, especially technology created and or controlled by foreign governments. In some cases Internet-connected products controlled by foreign governments have already been banned, and there are indications more may be coming. For cybersecurity personnel the product bans will require a […] More

  • 2018 Goal: Re-position Cybersecurity As An Enabler

    How can we improve cybersecurity? How can we reduce risk? These are great questions. As long as cybersecurity is viewed as a pain, it’ll never be integrated into the fabric of an organization. Fortunately, there have been significant advances in cloud-based security services that enable new ways to embed cybersecurity into enterprise services people want. […] More

  • Cybersecurity

    Are you ready for state-sponsored zombie malware attacks?

    On January 4, 2017 CTO Vision published a blog post titled “Are you ready for a state-sponsored cyber attack?” In hindsight, the blog post should have been titled “Are you ready for state-sponsored zombie malware attacks?” Zombie malware combines the most deadly aspects of malware and zombie computers into one horrible mess. Typically malware gets […] More

  • Are you ready for a state-sponsored cyber attack?

    Geopolitical tensions ensure that 2017 will be another big year for state-sponsored cyber attacks.  The lethality of state-sponsored attacks derives from their ability to bypass security point products by combining device, network and data center vulnerabilities into an integrated assault.  Another aspect of state-sponsored cyber attacks is their willingness to patiently creep from organization to organization […] More

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