A look ahead: Some technology developments to expect in 2009

2008 was a year of rapid changes for Chief Technology Officers.  We should expect 2009 to move even faster.  Where will the biggest trends take us?  I offer some considerations below.  Please look these over and give me your thoughts.   Push back if you have disagreement. First, my overall advice for CTOs in 2009… […]

What if you could show key Social Media/Web2.0 sites in one graphic?

Overdrive is a company that specializes in helping others leverage the social media landscape.  They produced a great graphic that gives at least a high level overview of the key social media and web2.0 world.  Click on the image here for a larger view download the PDF here: Download social-media-map.pdf (1330.3K) I really like this […]

Is Your CTO Making You Stupid?

Nicholas Carr writes in ways that makes people think.  I really enjoyed reading his latest in the Atlantic titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” This article covers some rather significant trends that IT is pushing into the global social fabric.  The changes he talks about are disturbing.  They are infecting people like a fast spreading disease. There […]

Social Media and Web2.0 for National Security Planners

Over the last couple weeks I sent several friends and associates a draft article I was working up on Web2.0 for National Security Planners.  I enjoyed pulling that together, since it helped me convince myself that the right thing to do is to get more senior US strategists engaged in Social Media.  There are some […]

AFCEA, JFCOM, Blogs and Twitter

AFCEA just pulled together another great conference (Joint Warfighting 2008).  They have been real pioneers when it comes to using new Web2.0 technologies during these events, and that really came out during this conference.  For example, some of Signal Magazine’s greatest writers, including Maryann Lawlor, were at the conference blogging the highlights of the key […]

Enter my office: using Adobe Acrobat Connect

I have picked a primary online meeting tool for my consultancy (Crucial Point LLC).  Although I will use any tool a client or associate needs me to use, the tool I prefer is Adobe Acrobat Connect. Why did I select Adobe Acrobat Connect?  A key reason is that no downloads are required for this to […]