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  • Social Media and Extremism: Sideshow or Center Stage?

    On Twitter, Mike Olson of Cloudera asked me and Alex Olesker what we thought about the use of social media in the latest dustup between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. He linked me to an article taking a broader look at the role of social media in terrorism and extremism. The following is some thoughts […] More

  • What Does It Mean to Disconnect?

    Are we too connected to our gadgets? Many journalists and social thinkers seem to think so. Are we all too fixated on emailing, tweeting, just plain staring at our screens to participate in the world around us? The answer may be more complex than that, but you won’t find it in posts like this recent […] More

  • Building a Network

    In my last post I clarified that a personal network is what is being discussed in my blogs. However, there are many similarities between a functioning of a human network and a computer network. In this post we’ll discuss how to build your own strategic network. To build an effective network, you should have a […] More

  • Bug Bounty Programs : Encourage Responsible Disclosure

    The idea that you might pay someone else to keep quiet a vulnerability while you fix it may seem a bit backward to some in computer security. It would also seem to invite attacks on infrastructure. It’s no surprise, then, that many companies with technological products don’t have bug bounties. A bug bounty is a […] More

  • Social Media: Change, Control and Security

    Editor’s Note: This is the first post by  DaveWalker, a highly regarded security professional and inventor in the UK with a focus on design and implementation of multilevel and cross-domain IT security (“MLS”).   As I write, Facebook is in the process of executing the biggest IPO in US corporate history. Yet, its security model […] More

  • Hadoop and Business Intelligence

    Like my colleague Alex Olesker, I too attended Cloudera Day 2012.  While there were many panels of interest, perhaps one of the most important was Amr Awadallah‘s talk about big data applications to business intelligence. Many CTOVision readers with backgrounds in the intelligence community may think of corporate espionage when the phrase “business intelligence” is […] More

  • From Networks to Swarms

    CTOs , CIOs, and technology reporters are very familiar with the idea of the network. Think of networks and tech and the terms network-centric warfare, netwar, social networks, the wealth of networks, and a host of other terms and ideas immediately roll off the tongue. The network is the defining metaphor of the information age. […] More

  • Tech of #OccupyWallStreet

    A social movement with a hashtag in its name is obviously heavily reliant on technology. Here are a few technologies and approaches that Occupy Wall Street used to expand rapidly. Mesh networks: localized Internets, set up for rapid and secure internal communication. The People’s Skype, a distributed voice and voting system that enables the peculiar […] More

  • The Database Society and You

    There is much commentary right now about Facebook, social networking, and the meaning for the enterprise technologist. All of the tumult over Facebook’s new features (frictionless sharing, the timeline, etc) inspired me to dig out an old post I had written for Huffington Post on what I called the “database society:” The dominant metaphor of […] More

  • Facebook devours Twitter…a simple strategy

    Facebook is about to eat Twitter for lunch. I’m slowly recognizing that more and more of my activity is migrating from Twitter to Facebook. I’ve also been wondering if Apples upcoming IOS 5 integration with Twitter is a strategic mistake on Apple’s part? What will it take for Facebook to finish Twitter off? Here’s my […] More

  • Social Media Mimicry in the Workplace

    Let’s face it: the social media that many enterprises hail also pose big problems. Employee use of the Internet–particularly social networks–is a big timewaster. A new Nielsen study found that Americans spend 23% of their online time on social networks, with an increasing amount of that browsing time spend spent on mobile apps. Like the […] More

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