Want To Know The Future Of Enterprise IT? Track Venture Capital

I know of only three models that enterprise technologists can use to make accurate predictions of future technology, and all three models have failings. The first model is to track mega trends in the IT industry. This provides broad insights on topics like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Commoditization of IT, Social Media and Open […]

Rap Genius: Coming to your enterprise

With this post I want to lay out a way rap music is going to forever change the world of enterprise IT. Rap will have this impact on IT in many enterprises, but one of the biggest impacts, I predict, will be on the US Intelligence Community and in DoD. First some background so you […]

Seven Shapers Of Technology in 2013

What will our collective technological future be like in 2013? The answer, of course, depends a great deal on what actions we take to make our future. But the answer also depends on many other factors, including mega trends that are transforming entire industries. We recently reviewed and updated our assessments on all the IT […]

Ready or not, software is eating the government contracting world

As readers of CTOvision you no doubt track the trends and are as aware as any of how software transforms industries, sometimes in shockingly brutal ways. I take no pleasure in telling any of you that my focus industry, the advanced technology sector around national security missions, is about to see massive, at times very […]

Andreessen Horowitz and COMMIT Teaming Up for Veterans in the Valley, October 25-26, Menlo Park, CA

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and The COMMIT Foundation are teaming up to provide 12 high-potential transitioning military veterans exclusive access to a16z’s extensive network of technology leaders.  During a two-day workshop, participating veterans with a demonstrated interest in the software and Internet technology sector will work with industry mentors to establish clear career goals and strategies […]

Anki: A robotics company bringing artificial intelligence and robotics into the real world

One of the biggest problems in robotics deals with how a mobile device can know, with precision, where it is. This might sound easy to do but it is complicated by the fact that autonomous robots can move all over the place including over and through a variety of changing environments. The longer a robot […]