RiskIQ: Tools to Improve Cyber- Situational Understanding in DoD

Operating, securing and defending the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) network and the data traversing through it is inherently a governmental function for the Armed Forces. To accomplish this, DoD has a skilled workforce, empowered with advanced cyber capabilities, which seeks to detect, mitigate and attribute hostile cyber activity within their networks. While much […]

Risk IQ Launches Groundbreaking Security Intelligence Services Product That Enables Automated Defenses

28 July  2016–SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RiskIQ, the leader in external threat management, today announced general availability for its Security Intelligence Services, a ground-breaking new product that uses the Internet itself as a detection system to automatically defend a network from cyber attacks. Attackers use automation and can launch sophisticated attacks at very low cost by rotating […]

The Ultimate Targeted Attack: Malvertisments

This talk was given by RiskIQ CEO and Co-Founder Elias Manousos at the Security Innovation Network in 2015. It provides important context on a very powerful attack method, malicious code delivered with the accuracy of a laser-guided bomb. He discusses how malvertising attacks can scale in a targeted way to maximize impact and limit collateral […]

RiskIQ: Providing actionable data to map your digital attack surface

With this post we are initiating coverage of RiskIQ. RiskIQ is all about providing actionable data and high quality insights designed to map your digital attack surface, pinpoint and research threats and reduce overall risk to mission. RiskIQ provides their data in ways easy to put into the context of your business/mission needs which makes […]