Cyber Initiative and Deterrence

Ccsa_logo The Cyber Conflict Studies Association (CCSA) is a non-profit group organized to promote and lead a diversified research and intellectual development agenda to advance knowledge in the cyber conflict field. The CCSA is committed to developing academic programs and communities that can help the nation in this emerging area of thought. The CCSA is providing enhanced discourse on the strategic implications of cyber conflict and provides a venue for academic dialog on the study of economic, policy and other strategic issues and provides key intellectual capital the nation can tap for the ongoing cyber initiative.

The next CCSA workshop is 26 Feb 2008 at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service/Center for Peace and Security Studies in Washington DC. This symposium is focused on the implication for an Estonia-Like cyber conflict, including implications for both the government and private sector.

Quoting from the CCSA website:

“For more than three weeks in April and May 2007, Estonia’s public and private sector were targeted by a series of computer network attacks, resulting in the Estonian government declaring it was engaged
in a cyber conflict. Estonian government, banking, and media websites were crippled by sustained waves of distributed denial of service attacks, some of which reportedly originated on Russian state servers. This conflict has specific and important implications for the private sector, including hardware and software vendors whose products were targeted by the attacks and in some cases blamed for conditions that allowed the growth of botnets used in the attack.

This symposium will focus on the private sector-related issues raised by the Estonia case, exploring its strategic, legal, financial, and technical implications.”

If you have intellectual capital you can contribute to advancing the nation’s knowledge in this domain please visit the CCSA website for more information and please consider attending this symposium.

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