There are seven key megatrends driving the future of enterprise IT. You can remember them all with the helpful mnemonic acronym CAMBRIC, which stands for Cloud ComputingArtificial IntelligenceMobilityBig DataRoboticsInternet of ThingsCyberSecurity.
Cyber Security is far more than just protecting data. Security is about protecting the functionality of IT. It involves confidentiality, availability and integrity of resources. This higher order approach to cyber security requires vision, leadership, and actions in dimensions of people, process and technology.

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Transition for One of The Nation’s Greatest Enterprise CTOs: Dave Mihelcic Retires From DISA

Editor’s note: Dave Mihelcic has been a leader, mentor and friend to thousands, including me.  I wish him the very best in his transition from government service.  It was great to see how DISA honored him with with a farewell release on their site. Find and follow Dave on LinkedIn here. -bg The following is […]

Bob Flores and Bob Gourley of Cognitio at 2017 RSA Conference

The 2017 RSA conference will be held February 13 – 17, 2017 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This is the largest gathering of security professionals and vendors in the security ecosystem. Over 30,000 attendees are expected. As providers of strategic advisory services to government and industry, Cognitio’s Bob Flores and Bob Gourley will be […]

What’s in Store for the Big Data and Security Debate

Data is becoming an increasingly important component of business models and marketing mixes. As a result of this, we are seeing the emergence of a culture of data collection that is startlingly creative and in some cases, arguably invasive. In the current data-obsessed business and tech environment, almost anything anyone does can be quantified and […] Pioneers A New Way To Communicate: Recommend setting up your profile now is known as the company making Bitcoin useful for developers. They provide capabilities like the 21 Bitcoin Computer which gives developers everything they need to build Bitcoin enabled apps. Perhaps more importantly they have provided tutorials, tips, FAQs and a place for developers to directly interact on all topics Bitcoin. The company is now […]

Protecting Against the Increasing Malvertising Threat

This article increases awareness for organizations and individuals seeking to enhance their digital security posture against malvertising (“malicious advertising”). Malvertising is increasingly being deployed by threat actors to spread malware, including ransomware and scams, and redirect users from legitimate websites to phishing and exploit kit–hosting sites. The threat from malvertising is increasing, however, there are […]

Why Do Spammers Love The Internet Of Things?

A spammer’s biggest fear is having their ability to send emails cut off. Inbox providers, inbound and outbound spam filters, ISPs, and blacklist operators constantly strive to reduce the number of spam emails that end up in users’ inboxes. That’s good for users, but bad for spammers whose business model depends on being able to […]