FingBox Gives You Network Superpowers: Network security that contributes to physical security

FingBox is a fantastic device that I recommend everyone put in their home. It is also perfect for small businesses. Features of the FingBox help you track the status of your network and the many devices connected to it. It also enables you to set alerts and receive notifications when device status changes. You can also see who is coming and going by seeing which devices are nearby. The FingBox digital fence detects any device near your home, even it if it not connected to your WiFi network.

You control the device with an application that runs on your cell phone or tablet. The application is easy to configure and lets you check your network from anywhere in the globe.

Use cases:

  • KNOW WHO’S HOME: See family members and visitors at your home and keep a tab on who’s coming and going and when.
  • KNOW WHO IS AROUND: Detects any device around your Fingbox even if not connected to your WiFi. See who is nearby your home like dog walkers, babysitters, cleaning, or delivery persons.
  • SET PARENTAL CONTROLS: Detect, manage and control your kids internet access and activity time by device.
  • CATCH INTRUDERS & HACKERS!: Fingbox protects your home network seeing and controlling all devices connected or nearby — stop network phishing, snooping, and spying.
  • STOP BANDWIDTH HOGGING!: Check bandwidth usage and set limits for devices — control time-in and time-out!
  • DETECT THREATS & VULNERABILITIES: Get advance warnings on weaknesses and openings in your network — fix with 1 touch.

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