Opinion: Anyone with desire and a computer can have a successful career in AI

With this post I would like to provide an opinion on Artificial Intelligence.

Everything I have observed for decades leads me to believe that with hard work anyone can succeed in a career in AI.

Of course this is a technical field, but it is actually not the most technical field. Everything a person needs to know about the tech of AI can be self taught using online sites like Udemy or Coursera or MOOC. If a person has just a little exposure to computer tech they can start with basic courses and work their way up to programming and before long can be working through tutorials that show the real meaning of machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. It is really not as difficult as calculus or organic chemistry. Like anything else it can take hard work, but I really believe almost anyone can learn this stuff.

And, for those who already have time in a career field, your successes there can contribute to your successes in AI, since the real power of AI will be in applying it to real world challenges.

So, if you want a successful career in AI, it is yours for the taking. With hard work and persistence, the same two factors that drive success in other fields, you can have a fantastic career in AI.

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